Progressive lashes out at John Fetterman for calling Harvard too liberal, not towing Democrat’s stance on Trump and Israel

Sen. John Fetterman, the Democrat representing Pennsylvania, has been attacked by progressives for calling Harvard too liberal, and not espousing the left’s stance on former President Donald Trump and the Israel-Hamas war.

Fetterman ripped his alma mater, Harvard, in an interview with Semafor published on Friday.

Fetterman was first asked about his support for Israel, which has been criticized by fellow Democrats.

Fetterman told Semafor, “In that region, it’s our strongest ally, and we have a very special kind of relationship. I don’t understand how anybody could vote against the Iron Dome, or want to harm Israeli businesses or the nation or anything. I’ll never understand that. Calling them ‘colonizers’ — like, where does this come from? It must be TikTok or some kind of obscure classroom talk.”

Fetterman then took aim at Harvard University – which has been rocked by accusations of allowing anti-Semitism to infect the campus.

“As an alum of Harvard — look, I graduated 25 years ago, and of course it was always a little pinko. But now, I don’t recognize it,” Fetterman declared.

Cenk Uygur – progressive host of “The Young Turks” – lashed out at the Democratic senator.

“Now John Fetterman is telling everyone how he’s not a progressive, he rejects us and is now calling Harvard ‘pinko.’ What the f***? This is why people lose hope, because of frauds like Fetterman. You work hard to get a progressive elected and they turn into Republicans instantly,” Uygur wrote on the X social media platform.

Semafor journalist David Weigel asked Fetterman why he isn’t a progressive any longer.

“The thing is, though — I was surprised that when I said I wasn’t a progressive, that it made news,” Fetterman replied. “I’ve been saying that for years. Even before the [2022] primary, I did an interview where I said that. Those earlier progressive kinds of beliefs have now become political boilerplate. What really is a progressive now? With respect to Israel, that’s just not something that I identify as anymore.”

Two days after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel on Oct. 7, Fetterman proclaimed: “I unequivocally support any necessary military, intelligence, and humanitarian aid to Israel…I also fully support Israel neutralizing the terrorists responsible for this barbarism.”

Fetterman also caused Democrats to be concerned with his opinions on other critical topics.

The Democrat politician slammed attempts to remove Trump from the ballots ahead of the 2024 election.

“I just want to just go on the record to say how incredibly unhelpful it is to have other states removing him from the ballot,” Fetterman told The Daily Beast on Friday. “All of that is a gift to Trump. And all it does is just make him more popular and strong. That’s just going to energize his base—it’s just not helpful.”

“You know, he just absorbs this kind of energy,” Fetterman said of Trump. “The only way that we’re going to put him away is going to be in an election.”

Fetterman also proclaimed that there is a “crisis” at the southern border with record numbers of illegal immigrants surging into the United States – a completely different perspective than President Joe Biden.

“There’s a crisis at the border, and I don’t know how anybody could pretend that there isn’t,” Fetterman said on Friday.

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