Elon Musk’s succinct response to Mark Cuban’s DEI rant is beyond perfect

Elon Musk has been making his position on DEI crystal clear through X (formerly known as Twitter).

In a quote tweet, Musk wrote, “DEI is just another word for racism.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “Discrimination on the basis of race, which DEI does, is literally the definition of racism.”

Dave Rubin is in agreement with Musk, saying, “Of course that is true. There is no such thing as reverse racism. If you don’t like white people or you won’t hire white people in the name of DEI, you are a racist.”

However, it seems that Rubin and Musk’s brand of common sense is not all that common.

Billionaire Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks, tweeted back at Elon with a condescending essay.

“Let me help you out and give you my thoughts on DEI,” Cuban began, adding, “I take it as a given that there are people of various races, ethnicities, orientation, etc that are regularly excluded from hiring consideration.”

Cuban explained that by opening his search to people who are “excluded,” he “can find people that are more qualified.”

He also told Musk that “having a workforce that is diverse” is “good for business.”

Cuban’s tweet was broken up into five paragraphs, each explaining why DEI is good for business.

“That’s the liberal college girl response,” Rubin says, noting that while Elon wrote two succinct sentences on the subject, Cuban wrote a never-ending, uninteresting tale that lacked any real meaning.

“Nobody else is using DEI the way he’s pretending to define it,” Rubin says, adding that Musk “nailed” his response to Cuban.

“Cool, so when should we expect to see a short white/Asian woman on the Mavs?” Musk wrote.

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