This Happened After Hamas Protesters Trapped Thousands of Drivers on Seattle Freeway for Hours

If it’s Washington, D.C., you get car-jacked. In Chicago, you get shot. In L.A., you get crowded out by RV-driving “homeless” tourists. And in Seattle, you suffer all that and get trapped by protesters. For hours. 


On Saturday, pro-Hamas protesters Saturday flooded Seattle’s biggest interstate and blocked traffic for close to three hours. The protesters supporting the terrorist group swarmed overpasses and flooded Interstate 5, which runs through the middle of the city. Amid the six miles-long backup of cars was at least one ambulance. 

Police and state patrol officers attempted to hold peace talks with the Hamas supporters.

But as you can see, that didn’t go so well because after this show of force, the protesters were there for hours and hours and hours into the night.  

Fox News 13 in Seattle reports that the protesters used tools to cut through the fence to sneak onto the freeway. 

An unconfirmed report claimed that Seattle’s Mayor Bruce Harrell told his police officers to stand down and do nothing to the protesters, to the extent local police can help control an interstate. At this point in the story, you might expect to see a video of the mayor talking to reporters about this incident. However, Harrell is in Houston on official city business to watch the University of Washington Huskies play in the college football national championship game Monday night. So he’s busy, busy, busy.


Harrell is a former Husky football player who played in the Rose Bowl the last time they met Michigan in what was tantamount to a national championship game. 

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Black Lives Matter protesters were the last to pull this monstrous stunt on innocent Seattle drivers on July 4, 2022.  One provocateur was killed and another badly hurt when a man — a black man as it turns out — tried to drive around the protesters “at freeway speeds” and hit the two. He was sentenced in September 2023 to six-and-a-half years in prison for vehicular homicide. So even when they’re protesting against cops and allegedly in support of black men, the only ones who went to prison for this dangerous stunt was the black guy.

After the BLM incident, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) said that it would rethink its response to terrorist-sympathizing protesters in the future. Apparently, as part of the rethinking process, WSP decided to allow tens of thousands of drivers to be inconvenienced and imperiled instead of arresting the freeway blockers. 

You’ll recall that in the BLM protest, the WSP blocked freeway entrances to prevent traffic from interfering with the protest. 

A hurt protester sued cops anyway. 


I reported at the time that WSP officers attempted to convince the BLM protesters then to retreat and go away and as part of the peace offering they blocked traffic for them:

KING 5 reports that the late-night freeway blockers “reportedly felt a sense of security from law enforcement” because the “WSP and the Seattle Police Department met with protest leaders” and they “were assured” that the cops would envelop them in safety and “protect them from harm.”

Since October 7, when Israel was attacked by Hamas and other Palestinians in ISIS-like atrocities, the terrorist organization’s groupies around the world have taken over the U.S. Capitol Building, ruined countless community Christmas tree lightings and New Year’s Eve celebrations, and prevented innocent people from moving freely, exercising their rights, and being safe from whackadoodles. 

Now I promised you an ending to the hours-long saga in Seattle on Saturday, so here’s what happened. 

After dark descended and the weather turned cold, rainy, and nasty, the protesters walked off the freeway, trekked to a nearby overpass, distracted traffic below, and blocked the street. 


And no one was arrested. 

What do they say about negotiating with terrorists again? 

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