Victor Reacts: Life Must be Hard When You’re This Dumb- Mark Ruffalo Shared Fake Images of Trump (VIDEO)


Life must be hard when you are this dumb.

As reported by the Gateway Pundit:

Far-left woke actor Mark Ruffalo is so blinded with hatred for President Trump and his MAGA supporters he posted faked AI-generated images of Trump with young girls to push a false narrative about Epstein Island.

When caught, instead of admitting his mistake and failure to spend even a minute on due diligence, he blamed Elon Musk for “allowing so much disinformation” on X.

Anyone who is not blinded by their pure hatred of Donald Trump clearly could see that these images are fake. If they were real, they would have been leaked months ago.

They have such little dirt on Trump that they have resorted to completely making things up. Mark did eventually admit that the post was fake. Unfortunately Mark’s twitter post was viewed more than 2 million times while his post acknowledging that it was fake received only 187,000 views.

The left loves to complain about misinformation and disinformation but turns a blind eye to the millions of people that were told a lie thanks to Mark’s tweets.

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