‘Installing more barriers’: Texas SLAMS SCOTUS razor wire ruling

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Biden administration may continue to cut the razor wire at the Texas southern border.

But Texas isn’t giving up the fight.

“State of Texas, you know, we’re not backing down,” Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Lt. Chris Olivarez tells Glenn Beck.

“I just got back from Eagle Pass last night to kind of get a rundown of what’s happening and what’s going to take place with this whole Supreme Court decision, and nothing has changed, at least on our end, with DPS and National Guard,” he explains.

The National Guard is still installing more barriers along the river to discourage illegal border crossings.

“I love this,” Glenn responds, noting that the government is creating the narrative that people like Olivarez are “making it more difficult for them to do their job,” though he’s “not sure what their job is.”

Olivarez believes what the federal government is doing is “trying to create this divide between federal agencies and the state” and “create some type of conflict that’s nonexistent.”

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants who have possible terrorist ties are walking freely across the border.

“You can only imagine the type of people that are in our country right now,” Olivarez says, adding, “the threat is already here.”

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