Israel’s Erdan: Ceasefire or a Solution to Conflict — You Can’t Have Both

The theory that Israel could have a permanent ceasefire with Gaza and a solution to the conflict as well is an “oxymoron,” according to Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations (UN).


The UN has been exposed for the amount of assistance it supplies to jihad-loving Gazans, with Hamas even using UN supplies and buildings to shield its violent terrorist activities. Palestinian children also learn to hate Jews and admire terrorists at UN schools. Thus it’s not really surprising that the UN would be pushing the claim that an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza would tend toward peace — when the reality is that such a ceasefire would just help Hamas recuperate, as Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan argued.

“I made it clear to the [UN] Security Council that it is impossible to both call for a ceasefire and pretend to support a solution to the conflict. This is an oxymoron,” Erdan posted on Twitter/X, along with a video clip of himself. “You cannot have both. It’s impossible. A ceasefire will keep Hamas in power and allow it to attack Israel again and again.” Israel knows that from hard and long experience.

In the video clip, Erdan said, “Many here on the Security Council are advocating for a permanent ceasefire while giving no thought to the implications.” He asked, “What do you think will happen if there is a ceasefire? I will tell you what will happen. Hamas will remain in power, they will regroup and rearm, and soon Israelis will face another attempted Holocaust.”


He challenged, “Is this the outcome you seek for all of us, that once again Israel will be forced to carry out another defensive operation in Gaza? Do you truly expect us to leave our hostages in Hamas terror tunnels? As long as Hamas remains in power [in Gaza], a very dark future is inevitable for all of us.” 

Erdan also emphasized his contention that pretending a ceasefire and a solution to the conflict can both occur simultaneously is an “oxymoron” as Hamas “seeks to annihilate Israel.” Erdan concluded, “And if you support the position that we leave Hamas in power, you cannot pretend to wish for a solution to the conflict. The past eighteen years have proven this.”

Israel has been fighting off terrorist attacks from Palestinian terrorists for decades, despite its tireless efforts to assist and placate the Palestinians, and the fight will unfortunately continue while there is a single indoctrinated, jihad-loving Gazan left. Such an attitude is even more pervasive than most Westerners know. 

Not only do the overwhelming majority of Gazans sympathize with jihad against Israel, but a new poll also reportedly found that 0% of Palestinian respondents in the “West Bank” (which is really Judea and Samaria) believe that the heinous Oct. 7 atrocities against Israel were illegitimate “resistance.” Unfortunately, the UN usually sides against Israel and with the allies of jihad, perhaps partly because there are so many Muslim nations in the UN (for instance, see below).


Erdan is absolutely right. Israel cannot have a permanent ceasefire with an enemy that openly vows genocidal goals against its people.

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