January 6 and the N-word that was

In my story “January 6 and the N-word that wasn’t,” I got something wrong. I said that in the years since that day, no evidence had yet appeared “showing that other police officers were on the receiving end of racial epithets and abuse.”

I got something else wrong when I wrote, “If such evidence existed, it would have been ‘the N-word heard ’round the world’ and replayed by every major news agency, in every January 6-related story, without end.”

As it turns out, there is audio and video evidence of the “N-word” being directed at a police officer on January 6. Inexplicably, however, no known left-leaning media source has jumped on it.

The first mistake is the unsurprising part. Any crowd the size of the one that gathered in D.C. that fateful day would certainly have some small percentage of racist yahoos in its midst. And in what could be arguably the most video-recorded event in human history, it’s surprising we haven’t seen or heard more incidents of racial hatred.

As to the second error, most mainstream media services will not run a story, a video report, or any photo from January 6 that doesn’t include scenes of violence or a Confederate flag.

Never mind that of the hundreds of thousands of people who traveled to D.C. to attend the “Stop the Steal” rally, only a few hundred participated in any form of violent acts. And in a sea of flags being blown by the 25 mph winds that day, the rarest sight among those was the Confederate Stars and Bars. In one of my own videos shot on the Washington Monument lawn, a 360-degree pan shows thousands of flags of every type — except the one the corporate media has presented for three years as the most ubiquitous of all flags flying that day.

ZERO Confederate Flags Visible in MASSIVE Crowd on Jan 6, 2021youtu.be

I’ve often challenged the Sedition Hunters, a self-described “global community of open-source intelligence investigators,” in our frequent X (Twitter) exchanges that if they provide evidence of what I miss, I will “post it” and I “will write a story about it.” Correcting errors and “getting it right” have always been my sincere effort, and that hasn’t changed since joining Blaze Media.

No matter how much I disagree with the politics and business of the Sedition Hunters, they are effective in their efforts to report to the FBI and DOJ the identities of both violent January 6 rioters and nonviolent “insiders” who entered the Capitol Building.

As to my “N-word” challenge, one of those Sedition Hunters just this month came through on the third anniversary of January 6 by revealing the fact that in a November 3, 2021, court filing in the federal government’s case against Christopher Worrell of Naples, Florida, was an assertion by the government that officials recovered video from his phone that captured him verbally taunting police officers: “Another three videos taken shortly thereafter capture Mr. Worrell repeatedly yelling ‘F*** you’ around a dozen times while filming the U.S. Capitol Police. In one video, he says, ‘F*** you, n*****!’”

In a private message exchange I’ve had with a Netherlands-based Sedition Hunter, she provided me with the unedited video of Worrell’s verbal tirade and the accompanying metadata from his cellphone video.

FIRST-EVER Released Footage of “N-Word” Being Used on Jan 6, 2021www.youtube.com

NBC News justice reporter Ryan J. Reilly reposted a tweet that revealed the contents of that November 2021 court filing and Worrell’s N-word-laden rant. Why haven’t other media run with this story? In fact, during an in-person chat with Reilly several months ago, we discussed the surprising absence of any January 6 video containing the “N-word,” but he failed to remember or bring up the Worrell example. Considering the number of January 6 trials and cases he follows, it’s understandable that he might forget some details and incidents. But … that one?

I reached out to Worrell’s attorney, William Shipley, and asked if that video had been entered into evidence and played during Worrell’s trial. Shipley confirmed that it had but that he also didn’t recall any press presence in the courtroom at that time, which might explain why this didn’t make Worrell and that video nationally infamous.

Worrell did eventually manage to earn a degree of national infamy. In May 2023, Worrell was found guilty of multiple felonies during a bench trial with Judge Royce C. Lamberth. The verdicts included assaulting a group of officers “with a deadly and dangerous weapon.” Then, only four days before his sentencing hearing in August, Worrell cut off his GPS ankle monitor and became a fugitive for the next six weeks.

This action by Worrell and his ultimate arrest earned him national attention from virtually all major news services. Yet even with all that coverage, the press made no mention of his “N-word” video.

I missed it, too. You will see and hear Worrell’s use of the “N-word” on January 6, apparently hurled in the direction of a black Capitol Police officer. According to the metadata screenshot supplied by the Dutch Sedition Hunter, this took place at 1:22 p.m. Eastern Time on the northern edge of the lower west terrace at the Capitol.

According to the Sedition Hunter, former Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn told her that the officer seen on the balcony holding the M-4 rifle — standing to the left of the group of officers bunched behind the transparent shield — is the officer Dunn mentioned in his book who had been “confronted by insurrectionists” and told, “Put your gun down, and we’ll show you what kind of n***** you really are!”

The Sedition Hunter identified that particular cop only as “Officer S.”

This unnamed Sedition Hunter who runs the X page called “Capitol Terrorists Exposers” also shared that Dunn himself is not seen from any camera angle during this time because “this was also the moment Dunn was getting other officers aid.”

Given the crowd noise and distance between Worrell and “Officer S,” it’s not likely this was the “N-word” heard by that officer. But, again, I am not saying, nor have I ever said, that no black officer heard racial epithets on January 6. What I have written and stated is that no black Capitol Police officer I have yet interviewed has had that experience.

I have also still failed to find audio-visual evidence of now-congressional candidate Harry Dunn’s claim to have had “20, 30, 40, 50 people” chanting “Boo! F***ing n*****!” at him.

If the Sedition Hunters — or anyone else — can provide that video, I promise to post it.

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