Martha MacCallum Scorches John Kirby for Claiming That Biden Is Fixing the Border Crisis

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum went full Wolverine on U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby after he claimed that President Joe Biden was trying hard to solve the border crisis. Given that this whole debacle has been going on since Biden set foot in the Oval Office, Kirby might have to forgive us for crying foul on his statement. 


If allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants to cross the border every single month is Biden’s idea of trying to solve the problem, imagine how bad things would be if he wasn’t trying. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Of course, we all know that he’s not applying any effort to solve the immigration crisis, so the point is moot.

During the interview with Kirby, the ever-astute MacCallum was quick to point out that the issue of illegal immigration was the top concern for voters in both New Hampshire and Iowa, states that ended up being huge victories for former President Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primary.

When Kirby made his comment about Biden supposedly attempting to shut down this crisis, MacCallum wasted no time firing back with, “He’s been president for three years.”

“This is not just the same old immigration issue we’ve had going on for a decade as he said the other day,” she added. “These are record numbers all the time. And people in Iowa and New Hampshire are the ones that are expressing concerns about it. This isn’t Arizona and Texas. This is Iowa and New Hampshire. I don’t think that people sense that there’s an urgency to address this.”

If both Iowa and New Hampshire are worried about the impact of illegal immigration, just imagine how concerned folks living in border states are. I think it’s a safe bet those states like Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are going to overwhelmingly vote in favor of Trump in both the primary and the general election if he nabs the nomination, and that spells doom for a second term for Biden. 


MacCallum was not done yet. She then pressed Kirby, “John, do we have a border? Do we have a southern border? Do we have a southern border?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied. “Of course we do.”

“Then how come people can flow across it every single day?” she shot back. “Hundreds of thousands of people? Three hundred thousand people in December.”

MacCallum was on fire in this interview. This is what legitimate journalism is supposed to look like. The media should hold both sides to account, and MacCallum gave a master class on how it’s done.

We need more journalists who are willing to ask hardball questions and press home the concerns of the American people. Right now, there are only a handful of individuals who are acting as the voice for citizens. We need more of them.

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