ANOTHER major US airport is now overrun by illegal immigrants

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The more illegal immigrants who pour across our borders, the more American citizens are pushed out of spaces that are rightfully theirs — including schools. However, another space that is becoming choked by the massive influx of illegal immigrants is airports.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport, for example, is one such place that’s being used to house illegals. And now, it seems Boston Logan International Airport has turned into “a migrant center” as well.

Video footage shows hundreds of illegal immigrants lining the hallways of the airport.

“Who are these people? What are the security measures?” asks Dave Rubin, noting that the two planes that were flown into the Twin Towers on 9/11 departed from Boston Logan.

“In a wise move, the governors of some of these states — Arizona, Texas, even Florida — have just decided to ship these people out” and say ‘“Sorry, we’re not sanctuary states,’” he notes.

Unsurprisingly, these “sanctuary” cities and states are learning quickly that the reality of being a safe haven for lawbreakers isn’t so peachy, as evidenced by the overrun schools and airports.

“It’s absolutely insane,” sighs Dave.

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