Hunter Biden’s Daughter Comes to Gramps’ Defense, Slams Fox News’ Jesse Watters

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Hunter Biden’s daughter Naomi was none too happy with Fox News host Jesse Watters and his suggestion that her grandpa’s failures as a father are part of why he has done such a poor job as president, launching a vicious social media assault on him as retaliation. 


Watters has a valid point. If a man cannot lead his own family and household well, how can he be expected to perform in other forms of leadership? The Bible uses this as a standard for choosing pastors. They must be able to rule over their households and not have children who are running amok all over creation and doing unlawful activities for them to be qualified to lead God’s people. 

I would say that Hunter Biden’s many, many drug-fueled rips in both public and private, his buying of prostitutes, tax evasion, and attempts to skip out on caring for a child out of wedlock are acts of chaos condemned in Scripture that thus point to a failure in leadership from his father, who is serving as our commander-in-chief as we speak. 

Terrible dads make even worse presidents. 

Naomi Biden, 30, claimed that Watters’ comments about her grandfather crossed a line because she says the statements made are not true. 

Well, Naomi, if you take a look at how horrible the economy is, coupled with the fact we’re being invaded by illegal immigrants and the spike in crime rates across the country, I’d say your grandpa is doing a crappy job. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Just look at Joe Biden’s approval ratings. 


In the segment the daughter of Hunter Biden refers to in her comments, Watters connects the legal problems that are currently consuming the first son with the ineffectiveness of Joe Biden as the patriarch of his family. He also ties his failures in family life to his lack of success with national security and the situation at the border.

“I knew Biden was bad on the border because he’s not the best father,” Jesse Watters said during his program, referring to Hunter Biden. “The man can’t say no to his own son. He can’t say ‘stop.’ He can’t have consequences for actions.”

“And that’s what you need, you need a man in charge on the border to say, ‘this is not gonna be allowed,’” Watters added.

Naomi Biden responded to the segment by calling Watters’ comments “ugly” in a post on X/Twitter. 

Long ago, in an age when politics was more civilized, there was a universal rule that politicians on both sides of the spectrum respected and followed. That rule was to not attack each other’s families. However, that rule was crumpled up and thrown in the garbage when radical leftists started going after former President Donald Trump’s family members. 


Granted, Watters ought to be more cautious when it comes to insulting how other men lead or fail to lead their families because he’s not exactly a shining example of this himself. His wife divorced him after allegations surfaced he was having an affair with a producer on his show. However, the point he’s making is a valid one, regardless of how you feel about Watters personally. 

Naomi Biden is just doing what any family member would do when someone outside of the clan attacks someone they love and care about. She’s circling the wagons. It’s understandable and I would expect nothing less from someone in her position. However, the truth is just not on her side on this one.

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