New Amazon Prime cartoon BOLDLY mocks Christian theology

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While “Hazbin Hotel” has received rave reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, Lauren Chen is less than impressed.

The show centers around the daughter of Lucifer, who opens a rehabilitation hotel that offers a group of demons a chance at redemption — which supposedly will help reduce hell’s overpopulation.

If the daughter, Charlie, isn’t successful in rehabilitating the demons, then they’ll be killed by angels.

Chen, who watched the show, says she “essentially spent two hours watching animated furries discuss their sexual deviances.”

“Obviously this show is an attempt to parody or subvert the Christian worldview,” Chen explains, noting that she’s received plenty of complaints from viewers over one clip that makes a mockery of Adam and Eve.

“What I think really got me personally is not just how heretical the show’s premise is, it’s also how ignorant the people who wrote the show clearly are of Christianity,” she adds.

Chen also doesn’t believe the show does a good job of investing you in the storyline or the characters.

“When we have Charlie freaking out saying, ‘Oh no, all these monsters are going to be killed,’ I’m kind of like, good, I hope they are,” she explains.

And unsurprisingly, the show runs rampant with queer representation.

“Is representation here a win for the LGBTQ community or not? Because I feel like it could go either way,” Chen says.

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