NewsBusters Podcast: YouTube Offers Katie Couric, Kamala, and Cackles

Kamala Harris granted a softball YouTube interview to Katie Couric, who delighted in her abortion advocacy and asked her to explain just how reporters allegedly aren’t talking up Biden’s accomplishments. What? We’re in another cycle of reporters complaining that the economy is doing great, and the voters just aren’t accepting their spin.

It began with several softballs on abortion. Couric noted Kamala was embarking on a Reproductive Freedoms Tour “to highlight the harm caused by abortion bans and restrictive laws” after Roe v. Wade was repealed. Kamala then answered for more than five minutes. That’s an obvious sign of a softball interview. The answers go on as long as the subject wants.

Couric also told the vice president “I also think there’s a lot of disinformation about late-term abortions,” mostly that they happen. Liberals will also say the issue is phony because the late ones are a small percentage (but there are still thousands). They assume that every one of them was very serious and based on terrible medical deformities.

The questions about immigration and Israel were tougher, but then it shifted back to a sales job. Couric cited the big-spending legislation passed — like infrastructure — and touted how Biden was responsible for “low unemployment, millions of jobs created, inflation down, the stock market up. You don’t hear that from reporters, do you?” Actually, you do. Many of them are wrong for claiming “inflation’s down.” The rate has slowed, but prices continue to go up.

Bill D’Agostino made a video montage of all the TV journalists touting a “fantastic” economy and lamenting that voters are apparently too stupid to realize it. CNN host John Berman even suggested last summer that voters just “like being unhappy.” That was less embarrassing than Stephen Colbert putting on sunglasses and playing the bongos and claiming “you’re drowning in dough, but you don’t feel it because it’s not yet…bread!” 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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