Late Night Host Ruthlessly Mocks Biden’s New Campaign Slogan: ‘Why Are You so Bad at This Stuff?’

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Finding a late-night host who isn’t already on the Democratic Party payroll and who is willing to mock both sides of the political spectrum is like trying to find a unicorn that produces Skittles. However, it looks like we might have found at least one establishment hack who is trying something new, which the viewing audience might find refreshing. 


He’s making fun of Democrats, specifically President Joe Biden, after a brand new ad came out revealing his campaign’s new slogan, which might be the worst one in the history of American politics. If you look up the word “lame” in the dictionary, this slogan will be featured as an example. Yes, it’s that bad. Am I being dramatic? Of course, I am. Would you read this if it were boring? 

On the Thursday edition of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” the show’s host, comedian Seth Meyers, was totally flabbergasted by how bad the new Biden campaign slogan is. What’s the slogan? “Together, We Will Defeat Trump, Again.”

Meyers then summed up how every single person who has seen this monstrosity feels when he said, “Democrats, why are you so bad at this stuff?”

The audience burst into laughter as they also recognized how supremely awful the slogan is. Not only is President Biden one of the worst commander-in-chiefs ever, not only have his policies destroyed the economy, not only is he allowing illegal immigrants to flood into the country in record numbers bringing with them fentanyl, rap sheets, and human trafficking, but he also has a crappy campaign slogan. It’s almost like he’s trying to lose.

Just look at the slogan for a minute. He’s essentially focusing all of his campaign on preventing former President Donald Trump from having another four years in the White House. He’s not revealing solutions to the problems concerning the American voter; he’s just taking down Trump. This is only going to serve as more motivation for people on the fence to jump on over to Trump’s side. 


Biden only has himself to blame for losing this election. Poor performance in office combined with obvious cognitive decline and a lack of answers for the problems real people face will spell his doom.

“That is not a slogan. That’s like an affirmation you tape on your bathroom mirror,” Meyers said during the segment. And the comedian was not done there. 

“Slogans don’t have multiple punctuation marks in them,” he wisecracked. He then rattled off a few examples of this kind of slogan, such as “Let’s Go!” or “Vote or Die,” before continuing his onslaught against the Democratic Party.

“This is a sentence so awkward that you think ‘Oh, it must spell out a cool acronym,” and then it doesn’t,” Meyers added. He went on this rant for an additional 20 seconds before wrapping things up with a suggestion for the left. 

“Democrats, I’m begging you, please suck less. Oh — oh that’s not bad: ‘Democrats, we suck less,” he zinged. That is pretty funny. Politicians of either stripe have a reputation for screwing over the American people for their own personal gain. This slogan makes sense. 

Again, the thing that stands out to me is the lack of standing for anything and offering solutions to what is troubling regular American people. Trump hits back at his enemies and he fights against those who attempt to oppress him and us, but he’s more than that. He presents solutions to the issues affecting our lives. Be for something, not just against it. 


It’s unfortunate that we don’t see this kind of comedy more often. Once upon a time, comedians who hosted late-night programs were good at picking on both parties. It was always out of fun, too. Even though there was lots of criticism of the government, they still seemed to love America. 

I miss those days; how about you?

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  1. Democrats have proven to be the worst decision makers in history. They have never met a liberal idea that they didn’t love and “go all in” on. Unfortunately they can’t foresee the unintended consequences of their actions. The sum total of all these bad decisions should shape the next presidential election.

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