No Evidence? Biden Associate Testifies That Joe Biden Met with China Energy President

It’s beyond infuriating how the media keeps regurgitating the same tired narrative about Joe Biden’s corruption investigation and impeachment inquiry. They adamantly refuse to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence pointing to his corruption: sworn testimonies, bank records, emails, phone calls, videos, photos, text messages, and even White House visitor logs all paint a damning picture. 


They just pretend that all the evidence doesn’t exist. 

In a deposition on Friday, Rob Walker was hoping to provide some cover for Joe Biden in his opening statement that Joe Biden was “never involved” in his son Hunter’s business dealings, but then accidentally provided new evidence of his involvement.

According to Walker’s testimony, in 2017, Joe Biden had a meeting with the leader of a Chinese government-linked energy company, CEFC, and that this company paid millions to the Biden family.

Walker testified in his deposition as part of the House impeachment inquiry into the president that shortly after Joe Biden left office as vice president, he attended a meeting that included about 10 people involved with CEFC China Energy — including the firm’s chairman, Ye Jianming, a source familiar with Walker’s testimony said.

The encounter at DC’s ritzy Four Seasons hotel was previously described by Walker — without naming Ye as a participant — in an FBI interview that was released by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Walker described the Joe Biden appearance to the FBI as a drop-by of a lunch between Hunter and his CEFC associates.

Joe Biden “said hello to everybody” and then “literally sat down. I don’t even think he drank water. I think Hunter said, um… ‘I may be tryin’ to start a company,’ ah, or tried to do something with these guys and could you … and [I] think he was like ‘if I’m around’….and he’d show up,” Walker told the bureau. 


Walker attempted to claim Biden’s appearance at the meeting was completely innocent. “Walker told the Committee that he believes Joe Biden briefly dropped by because Joe Biden simply wanted to lay eyes on his son who was in and out of sobriety,” a source familiar with Walker’s testimony told the New York Post.

“Today we learned that Joe Biden met with the now-missing Chairman of CEFC, Ye Jianming, as Hunter Biden and his associates received $3 million from a Chinese entity CEFC controlled. Evidence continues to reveal the Bidens sold the ‘Biden Brand’ to enrich the Biden family,” House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer said in a statement released Friday. “The Chinese company paid Hunter Biden and his associates $3 million shortly after Joe Biden left office as a ‘thank you’ for the work they did while Joe Biden was in office. Members of the Biden family received payments from the Chinese deal even though they did not work on it. This is the type of swampy influence peddling the American people want us to end.”

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