Wisdom from Old Joe Biden: ‘Oooh, Earth Rider, Thanks for the Great Lakes’

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Old Joe Biden is not competent to serve as president of the United States, but you knew that already. The problem that increasingly confronts those who are running the Biden regime is that the Figurehead-In-Chief keeps providing us with new examples of his inability to perform what are officially his duties. 


While Democrat leaders continue to pretend that the arrogant and corrupt kleptocrat they’ve installed in the Oval Office is as sharp as a tack and on top of the nation’s manifold problems, his ability to formulate a coherent sentence, which was never all that strong even two decades ago when he was a spry 61, keeps on failing him.

On Thursday, during a campaign stop at the Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, Wis., Old Joe’s latest demonstration of dementia and incoherence had him sounding as if he were channeling Marianne Williamson and dispensing New Age wisdom for a crowd of aging hippies: “The beer brewed here, heh heh, it is used to make the b- brewed beer in this defile — Oooh, Earth Rider, thanks for the Great Lakes, I wonder what…” Biden said before trailing off in a fog of confusion. 

At that point, inexplicably, Biden’s audience erupted into happy laughter, as if they were watching something that fills Democrats with unalloyed delight, like, say, a video of Donald Trump being handcuffed and led into a jail cell. What on earth were these people thinking? Did they have the impression that this mean-spirited old liar had actually said something funny? 

Did they think, since this was most likely a crowd full of people who think that men can become women, that if they pretended that Joe had said something funny, that it would make it so? Did they think that since he wasn’t even coming close to saying anything that made sense, he must be putting them on, since Jill Biden just recently told them that “He’s wise. He has wisdom.”?


Biden’s “Earth Rider” wisdom came just days after he appeared at a pro-abortion rally in Virginia and declared: “We’ll teach Donald Trump a valuable lesson.” Then, according to a transcription from Collin Rugg of Trending Politics: “Don’t mess with lawomenofmerica ‘nlessyouwannagetdabenefit.” Most have interpreted this mush-mouthed muddle as “Don’t mess with the women of America unless you wanna get the benefit.” 

Yet that is hardly much of an improvement. It shows that Old Joe was speaking words that are indeed part of the English language, but that doesn’t mean that the statement itself makes any more sense. Usually a “benefit” is a positive result of something, but Biden was warning Trump that if he dared to “mess with the women of America,” a benefit is what he would get when clearly Old Joe meant that Bad Orange Man would suffer consequences that would be negative, not positive.

There have been so many statements of this kind from Joe that those who are aware of them hardly care anymore; they know that Biden is not fit to serve and that others (the debate continues to rage as to who exactly they are) are actually running things or else the bloated Washington bureaucracy, as far-left dominated as it is, just continues to move forward of its own weight.


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At the same time, most of the people who make up the American electorate have no idea that Old Joe ever talks this way because CNN and MSNBC and the New York Times don’t tell them. It’s a “right-wing” concern that has received only scant and incomplete attention from the establishment media. 

They want very much, of course, to ensure that Biden keeps on pretending to be president until he is 86 years old, likely because someone who is in greater possession of his or her faculties would be more difficult to control. But installing Old Joe in the Oval Office for another four years will take a massive campaign of deception and deflection in order to hoodwink the American people, and that campaign has already begun.

Meanwhile, they’re watching Old Joe very closely in Beijing, Moscow, and Tehran, and calculating how much they can get away with while this vacant shell decides if he wants sprinkles on his ice cream cone.

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