Is Biden Getting Under Donald Trump’s Skin by Being Mean to Him?

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Joe Biden has hit upon a new strategy in his campaign against Donald Trump: he’s trying to be mean to him.

Biden taunted Trump on X, posting a link to a CNN story about how the president’s insults are getting under Trump’s skin.


Be still, my beating heart. “Be Best” was the slogan used by Melania Trump in her anti-cyberbullying campaign. 

Of course, “being the best” is racist and breeds stereotypes and white privilege. Or something. 

But there was still cause for mirth from some.

The CNN report said that Biden was throwing Trump “off message” of all things, by calling him a “loser” and emphasizing the “former” in former president. 

Trump, who is notoriously thin-skinned, probably was upset at the trolling. But Trump is also notorious for gathering insults and remembering them. At a future date, he’s going to zing Biden, probably giving better than he got.

When Biden tries to say mean things, he comes off like a petulant child. Trump doesn’t sound like a child when he insults you.

Fox News:

Senior Trump adviser Jason Miller sent Fox News Digital a statement over Biden’s post that said: “This Tweet wasn’t posted by Joe Biden. Everybody knows Biden goes to bed at 4pm, and this was posted after 6pm. But to the staffer who posted this on Biden’s behalf, maybe you should focus more on reducing inflation and fixing the chaos you’ve created on our Southern Border rather than trying to be cute.”

Biden also referred to Trump as Herbert Hoover — who was president during the Great Depression — and teased “Good one, Donald” on X on Monday after reposting a report from his campaign that contrasted Trump’s claim that the stock market would crash if Biden was president with it hitting “all-time record highs” this week.

He also poked fun at Trump having seemingly confused Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a recent New Hampshire rally, posting, “I don’t agree with Nikki Haley on everything, but we agree on this much: She is not Nancy Pelosi.”


Biden can’t “do” Trump. So trying to play Trump’s game is sorta stupid. This isn’t unusual for Biden. For years, the word on the Hill was that Joe Biden was the dumbest man in Congress.

I see no reason to change that assessment.

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