Jay Leno files for conservatorship over wife’s estate amid her dementia battle

Jay Leno filed for a conservatorship over his wife’s estate as she continues to battle dementia.

On Friday, Leno filed for conservatorship over the estate of Mavis Leno at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, California.

“Unfortunately, Mavis has been progressively losing capacity and orientation to space and time for several years,” the petition for the conservatorship states, according to NBC News.

“As Mavis’s current condition renders her incapable of executing the estate plan,” the petition continues. “Jay has petitioned the Court to be appointed conservator of Mavis’s estate for the sole purpose of filing a petition for substituted judgment on her behalf in order to ensure her desires concerning the disposition of her assets upon her death are realized.”

The filing says she is incapable because she “suffers from dementia, a major neurocognitive disorder.”

“Jay is fully capable of continuing his support for Mavis’s physical and financial needs as he has throughout their marriage,” the documents read.

The court documents state that Leno seeks to create a trust for their joint estate that would “ensure Mavis has managed assets sufficient to provide for her care” should he die before her.

Leno, 73, claimed to have always handled the couple’s finances since they married over 43 years ago.

The celebrity couple do not have any children.

Leno’s estate plan would also provide financial support to Mavis’s brother – who is “her sole living heir aside from Jay.”

“The conservatorship estate will not be funded with any assets and is being established for the sole purpose of filing a petition for substituted judgment to ensure Mavis’s estate plan is established and that Mavis’s future care is provided for under the terms of a living trust,” the documents say.

The filing does not reveal when the 77-year-old Mavis was first diagnosed with dementia.

A doctor’s report included in the court documents, dated Nov. 28, 2023, describes how dementia has affected Mavis.

The doctor wrote, “It is my professional opinion that, due to her condition, Mavis is unable to meaningfully participate in the hearing on the Petition to Appoint a Probate Conservator nor would she understand the nature, force or effect of the hearing should she attend.”

The doctor also noted that Mavis “lacks the capacity to give informed consent to any form of medical treatment.”

The comedian and talk show host reportedly began the conservatorship process in November.

There will be a hearing on April 9.

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