Rand Paul to Tucker: Nikki Haley ‘From the McConnell-Dick Cheney Wing’ of GOP

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Rand Paul, speaking recently with Tucker Carlson, did not mince words:

I think [Nikki Haley is] from the McConnell-Dick Cheney wing of the party. And this is the antithesis of everything I believe in. I’ve spent a few years trying to promote the ideals of liberty. There is a wing of the party that believes in that, and I wanted to make sure anybody that follows what I do knows that there’s no way, shape, or form I could support Nikki Haley.


It’s almost an insult to readers’ intelligence to explain the intra-GOP political game being played here. But here it is: the reason that almost no other nationally elected Republican who hopes to remain in office is willing to launch a full-throated attack against Nikki Haley — despite her unpopularity within the base and her transparent corruption and her vomitous Hillary Clinton sycophancy — is that she is the donors’ darling. Publicly going scorched Earth on her is a surefire way to endanger future campaign donations from the donor class and, therefore, doing so would represent an existential career threat. And, because they care much more about their careers than the country, the choice is clear.

All that to say: many kudos to Senator Rand Paul for bucking the establishment.

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Via his website, nevernikki.net:

Based on her record and campaign, I don’t see how any thoughtful or informed libertarian or conservative should vote for Nikki Haley. If you agree, let your voice be heard.

Nikki Haley supports Biden and McConnell and the forever-war crowd on funding for the war in Ukraine.

Her thirst for war is so strong she actually said: “I’m sick of talking about a Department of Defense. I want a Department of Offense.” #NeverNikki

She even personally received millions of dollars from the arms merchants who benefit from the war, a conflict of interest that undergirds her eagerness for foreign military intervention.

This position isn’t new either – as governor of South Carolina she gave tax dollars to those same arms merchants, and they showered her with campaign contributions and a seat on their board when she left office.

While most others were decrying the mistakes of the past 20 years, and fighting for an America First foreign policy, Nikki Haley was aligning herself with and declaring her foreign policy allies to be John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Nikki Haley believes in nearly unlimited foreign aid — we have sent over $100 BILLION we don’t have to Ukraine already and she wants more. But this also isn’t new.

In her book With All Due Respect, she wrote “Humanitarian Assistance will always be a priority for the United States, we will always be generous.”

But Nikki Haley’s “generosity” with your tax dollars and her support for all foreign aid in the context of a $34 TRILLION dollar debt is in no way libertarian or conservative.

Beyond the issues of endless wars, Nikki Haley’s lack of respect for freedom of speech is shocking to anyone who believes in the constitution.

Nikki Haley believes that all internet posters should be registered and verified. This flies in the face of a free American Republic whose founders wrote anonymously the Federalist Papers and routinely posted newspaper articles and pamphlets under Pseudonyms.

Anyone who doesn’t fully believe in free speech or who wants endless wars has no business anywhere near the White House.

But wait, there’s more.

Nikki Haley routinely praised the mission of the United Nations, the results they achieved, and the people who ran it.

First up, her quote “I believe the U.N. does valuable work.” By that she means your tax dollars since the US is the primary funder of UN.

She repeatedly praised the U.N. Secretary General (former president of Socialist International) and declared that they “think alike.”

Did I mention that I am **Never **Nikki?

Nikki Haley disagreed with President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria and Afghanistan and defended continued U.S. presence in both places.

If you want to move quickly to domestic policy, in South Carolina, Nikki Haley advocated for a gas tax hike, a state-run vaccine registry and never lifted a finger for school choice.

I am Never Nikki and I hope you will be too.


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