The Biden Campaign Is Planning to Deploy a Secret Weapon to Re-Ignite Voters

With President Joe Biden’s approval rating being lower than pond scum, his re-election campaign is desperate to find ways to rejuvenate his image with the general public. What in the world could possibly make people support his campaign for a second term after such a pitiful and destructive first three years? We’re talking about a man who enacted policies that drove up the cost of living, increased inflation, weaponized the Justice Department against his political enemies, and the list goes on. 


Who would want another four years of this garbage? No one with any common sense. That’s for sure. 

That’s why the Biden campaign is going to unleash a secret weapon, and the impact it could have on the 2024 presidential election could be catastrophic for Republicans. If they manage to deploy said weapon, there might not be any way for the GOP to “shake it off” come November. 

The secret weapon? Taylor Swift.

I mean, we pretty much knew she was trouble when she walked in, right? Her involvement in politics has done nothing but stir up a lot of bad blood between generations. Okay, I’ll stop with the puns. 

According to a report from The New York Times, the Biden campaign has crafted a strategy to bring high-profile surrogates with massive social media followings on board to help promote the president to potential voters. Need I remind you that most of the people following Swift are diehard fans who will pretty much do whatever she tells them to do? We’re talking an audience of millions, many of whom are just now old enough to cast a ballot. 

This is truly the stuff nightmares are made of. 

The report notes that the Biden campaign is assuming that former President Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee; thus, much of its effort is designed to oppose him, using influential figures in pop culture who are desperate to remain relevant and will go along with any cause under the sun so long as the mainstream media tells them this is what they should think.

“The biggest and most influential endorsement target is Ms. Swift, 34, the pop sensation and N.F.L. enthusiast, who can move millions of supporters with an Instagram post or a mid-concert aside,” the Times stated in their report.


“She endorsed Mr. Biden in 2020 and, last year, a single Instagram post of hers led to 35,000 new voter registrations,” the Times added. “Fund-raising appeals from Ms. Swift could be worth millions of dollars for Mr. Biden.”

If you were already sick to death of hearing about Taylor Swift thanks to her high-profile relationship with Kansas City Chiefs football star Travis Kelce, seeing her plastered all over your television screens and social media feeds this year in political ads and other kinds of media is going to drive you straight to the nuthouse. 

It’s pretty much a guarantee that Swift will join the effort to re-elect Biden, especially if Trump is the nominee. After all, she supported him publicly during the 2020 race. No doubt she’ll be consistent if for no other reason than to oppose the former president. 

Not long after Swift made her public endorsement of Biden, Kamala Harris responded to the post. 


Back in September, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) wanted Swift to proclaim her support for the Biden re-election campaign effort. He mentioned how much influence she could have over young people in getting them to the polls. 

“What she was able to accomplish just in getting young people activated to consider that they have a voice and that they should have a choice in the next election, I think, is profoundly powerful,” the governor stated.

If Swift does indeed join the campaign with public endorsements, when the race really heats up later this year and she posts more and more about Biden, it’s going to be a very cruel summer.

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