Biden bans liquid natural gas exports for ‘climate-related’ reasons, but Ken Paxton says it’s retaliation for border battle

Texas is refusing to back down and hand over control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, to federal authorities.

President Biden then banned all new liquid natural gas export approvals, claiming this was a climate-related decision — not a way to retaliate and hurt Texas’ economy.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tells Glenn Beck that he has “no doubt” that this was meant to hurt Texas, not help the climate.

“There’s no doubt in my mind they were probably enjoying the fact that it would hurt the Texas economy, but I also think that’s what the border is about,” Paxton says.

While Paxton believes the long-term goal is to allow immigrants into Texas in order to change the way the red state votes, the rest of what the administration is doing is hurting the Texas economy anyway.

“What they’re doing is bringing people into our state so that we have higher costs. We have law enforcement costs, health care costs, we have education costs, and they know that,” he explains.

“I think they’re doing their best to damage and harm in any way possible, even if it means high crime in the Republican states,” he continues, adding that while it “sounds so conspiratorial,” he can see what they’re doing.

“It’s not like a secret; it’s all out in the open,” he adds.

Glenn is in agreement with Paxton, adding, “This is what a constitutional crisis looks like.”

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