President Biden’s Border War on Texas and the American People Continues

The Biden campaign has been charging that if former President Donald Trump is elected, he will take revenge on his political opponents. President Biden is following Saul Alinsky’s playbook in “Rules for Radicals.” Accuse your opponent of what you are doing.


After being sworn in as president, Joe Biden’s first act on day one was to end the Remain in Mexico policy and remove the controls that had stabilized the U.S. border. This revenge campaign of ethnic cleansing was payback to the American people for electing Donald Trump in 2016 and the squeaker election of 2020. 

The campaign to flood the zone with illegals was the first priority of the Biden administration, and never mind that fentanyl and human trafficking followed. Every public pronouncement since has been an attempt to gaslight the American people about what was done. Biden implemented his most important objective first and has no intention of changing it until his last day in office.

By throwing razor wire across Eagle Pass, one of the busiest sectors for illegal crossing, and keeping federal agents out, Texas is doing the job the Biden Administration is refusing to do — enforcing U.S. law. A 5-4 Supreme Court ruling has sided with the Biden Administration, giving federal agents the authority to remove the wire. 

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) says he will not comply with what he calls an “invasion” of his state. Abbott argues that states, like individuals, have a natural right to self-defense from attack. In other words, Abbott is forcing Biden to send in federal troops if he wants to continue to turn a blind eye to U.S. immigration law. This would be a disastrous political photo op for Democrats in an election year.


What do Americans think of Biden’s campaign to flood the zone with illegals? A Rasmussen poll released on Monday says that despite rulings from the court against Texas, most Americans, who are usually docile when it comes to Supreme Court rulings, back Texas. Even the House of Representatives is moving ahead in the impeachment process against Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, the man who has repeatedly lied to Congress that the border is secure and that he is enforcing immigration law.

The challenge for the American people is to face up to the constitutional crisis Biden created by breaking his oath of office when he swore on the Bible that he would faithfully execute the laws of the United States. If the first role of government is action and order, Texas has struck a blow for that. 

The question is, will the inaction and disorder that is the official policy of the Biden Administration stand? So far, the Supreme Court has bowed to the powers of inaction and disorder, ruling that state power must give way to federal authority, even if that authority is breaking immigration law by non-enforcement.

True to form, CNN has highlighted that a mother and two children died in the sector Texas has closed as if an open border saves lives and closing the border kills people. Such government spoon-fed media propaganda can’t cover up the massive Biden death toll on the border. 2022 was a record year, recording 853 deaths by illegal border crossers. And just as there are more unknown gottaways at the border, there are more dead bodies out in the desert wastelands known only to God. Thanks to Biden, life is cheap on the U.S. southern border.


It is safe to say, given the current death rate, that between three and four thousand children, women, and men will die on the border during the four years Biden will be in office. This does not account for those who will die later in illegal sex trafficking slave operations, chained to some cement block in a “safe house” or killed by their own “clients” or pimps who think they have made their $100,000 off them and believe dead children and women tell no tales. 

Nor does it account for the 100,000 or so Americans who will die annually thanks to the China-Mexican Cartel’s drug pipeline through the open Southern Border. Fentanyl deaths alone have quadrupled in the last five years.

Right now, federal power has the upper hand, thanks to the Supreme Court. But for how long can the will of the majority of the American people be thwarted by Washington? Will Abbott’s defiance alter federal policy? Unsurprisingly, Saul Alinsky dedicated his book to that first radical, Satan, the ultimate lord of chaos.

As in the Assyrian Empire of ancient days, tyrants are more than happy to take revenge on their own people, exiling populations they can’t control and importing more docile subjects. It is all about power and control. If successful, Biden could create rotten voting districts like those in New York City all across the country, filling Congress with more AOCs to vote the socialist party line. 


What better objective than electing Democrats, as in New York City’s last mayoral election, with a 23% voter turnout? What could be more advantageous than having no political competition for building patronage-ridden welfare states across the county to advance the Democrat agenda on the taxpayer’s dime?

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Biden believes that migrant chaos in the country and death on the border is a small price for achieving his goals. Can Texas stand its ground? Republican state governors have endorsed the Texas strategy as a line of defense against their own states being flooded with illegals and their budgets crumbling under the weight of welfare and law enforcement costs. About one hundred migrants in ultra-liberal New York City were just rounded up as part of a pickpocketing gang, and in 2023, $11 billion has gone to housing and schools for illegals in New York City, souring many on Biden.

The Democrats’ obsession with race isn’t foolproof, however. In politics, they believe race is destiny and that “whiteness” is counteracted by “nonwhiteness” on the border. There is an older and wiser tradition that religion and the culture it creates, not race, drive a country’s political soul. 

How that plays out in an age of race-obsessed unbelief is anyone’s guess. But the Democrats’ current obsession with irreligious policies like abortion, transgenderism, and the LGBT rainbow of insane policies may not prove to be as popular with many of the Christians they are importing as they think. The coming decades will literally be a battle for the soul of the country. 


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