Report: Team Biden Begging Obama, Clinton to Salvage Capsizing Campaign

The Brandon entity’s re-election (re-anointment) trainwreck continues to barrel off the side of a cliff (mixed metaphors; whatever, you get the idea.)

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He is now reportedly, per leaks from within the belly of the beast, begging Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to step in for a “first-of-its-kind fundraiser” designed to generate donations and free media.

Via NBC News (emphasis added):

President Joe Biden’s campaign is trying to organize a first-of-its-kind fundraiser that officials hope would be lucrative and headline-grabbing, but also energizing for Democratic voters who so far have not shown enthusiasm for the party’s 2024 ticket, according to four people familiar with the planning.

The idea is for three Democratic presidents — Biden, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama — to appear together at a fundraiser this spring, the four people familiar with the discussions said.

Discussions are underway to coordinate the presidents’ schedules, these people said, though no date has been set. The fundraiser would likely take place in March or April, two of the sources familiar with the discussions said.

The plan underscores the belief among Biden allies that the party needs an all-hands-on-deck approach to help him win a second term. It’s also just one in a growing list of ways that Democratic leaders, and the Biden campaign, are gearing up for a general election they view as having the highest of stakes.

NBC News is clearly emphasizing the “first-of-its-kind” nature of the proposal, as if the idea of trotting out politicians for public appearances to endorse other politicians is some kind of novel concept that has never been tried out — a surefire golden ticket that’ll turn things around for the Brandon entity’s prospects in a New York minute.


What we have here is the intersection of delusion and desperation.

Imagine being so astronomically disconnected from the rabble as to be one of the Democrat consultants promoting this idea as if it would have any effect whatsoever on polling or voter turnout on election day.

No one cares. The only people likely to be impressed with rolling out Bill Clinton, known Jeffrey Epstein associate, and Barack Obama are Blue-No-Matter-Who liberals in D.C. or Manhattan or wherever who are already sufficiently motivated to defeat the Orange Menace.

What Biden’s handlers could do, if they wanted to secure re-election, would be to enact policies that voters like and attract them to the polls that way. But that would be a little too on-the-nose in this here Sacred Democracy™.

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