Did You Miss Any? Here Are the Top 10 VIP Articles for the Month

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It’s hard to believe, but here at PJ Media, we publish dozens of articles each and every day. I’m old enough to remember when we only published 10-12 per day! With that many posts going up, it’s easy to miss some excellent pieces that may have been buried under a pile of breaking news (there sure is a lot of it these days). 


With that said, I thought I’d highlight our top 10 VIP articles for the month of January in case you’ve missed some! 

1. Stephen Green: Florida Man Friday: Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You With a Tractor-Trailer

2. Stephen Green: I Know Exactly Who Trump (Shouldn’t) Pick for Veep

3. Grayson Bakich: A Forgotten Film With a Big Impact

4. Stephen Green: Underappreciated Albums: ‘March’

5. Richard Fernandez: The Dangers of Living in the Past

6. Rick Moran: Iran Strikes Israeli ‘Spy Base’ In Iraq, Threatening to Widen the War

7. Catherine Salgado: The Racist, Elitist Origins of the Minimum Wage

8. Matt Margolis: Who Actually Believes Barring Trump From the Ballot Is a Good Idea?

9. Matt Margolis: The Democratic Party Is — Not So Surprisingly — Undemocratic

10. Ben Bartee: Corporate Media Goes to War With Home Gardening for Climate Change™

That should keep you busy for a while! If you’re not yet a VIP member, you’re missing a lot of great content. With the price we’re currently offering—50% off an annual membership with the promo code SAVEAMERICA—you can get all of PJ Media’s regular content (ad-free!) for $2.00/month. Upgrade to VIP Gold and you’ll get all the content at all of the Townhall Media sites—PJ Media, Townhall, RedState HotAir, and Bearing Arms—for $4.00/month. Not only will you get lots of exclusive content, including those wacky VIP live chats with VodkaPundit and Kruiser, but you’ll be helping us to fight back against the Left. Join today by clicking here.


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