Fani Willis Avoids One Courtroom Showdown

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With all the corruption allegations swirling around her, Fulton County, Ga., District Attorney Fani Willis probably wishes she had a break from the scrutiny and attention. So it’s probably a relief for her to avoid one courtroom appearance. 


Willis’ alleged sneaky link and special counsel with benefits Nathan Wade reached a temporary divorce settlement with his estranged wife Joycelyn. That settlement precludes Willis from having to testify in the divorce proceedings — at least for now.

“The settlement reached Tuesday means Willis is likely to avoid testifying in the case,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Willis, in court filings in the election interference case against former President Donald Trump and others, is accused of having an improper romantic relationship with Wade with him paying for their vacations to Napa Valley and the Caribbean.”

Earlier this month, Joycelyn Wade’s attorneys subpoenaed Willis to testify about her alleged relationship with Nathan Wade. Nathan Wade’s attorneys petitioned Cobb County Superior Court Judge Henry Thompson to cancel the subpoena, but the judge declined to do so, at least until after Nathan Wade testified. 

“All of the issues we pled for temporary support and attorneys fees have been resolved by this agreement,” Andrea Hastings, an attorney for Joycelyn Wade, told the AJC. “The case is not resolved on a final basis. We still have a lot of work to do to be able to resolve this case through either a final settlement or a trial.”


The settlement must come as a relief for Willis, who undoubtedly would have had to tell attorneys about her alleged relationship with Nathan Wade, which reportedly included lavish vacations together. Additionally, the AJC reports that Wade’s law firm has billed Fulton County for over $650,000 in legal fees since Willis named him special prosecutor despite his lack of experience with corruption cases.

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Willis no doubt believed that she could make a name for herself by taking on Donald Trump, but the case has courted controversy from the start. She claimed that she was acting in a non-partisan capacity in her investigation, but the case was lousy with conflicts of interest

Judge Scott McAfee, who presided over the grand jury and will preside over the case, barred Willis from investigating Burt Jones, who was a candidate for lieutenant governor at the time and now serves in that capacity, because Willis had actively campaigned for Jones’ opponent, Charlie Bailey. (By the way, Bailey was shacking up with Willis’ spokeswoman at the time and has since married her.)

Additionally, the investigation caught the attention of the House Judiciary Committee, which asserted that Willis timed her investigation to interfere with the 2024 election. Wade has also allegedly met with Biden administration officials about the Trump case. 


Willis has asserted that racism plays a factor in the scrutiny regarding her prosecution of Trump, and she even poormouthed about it at an Atlanta church during a Sunday service! McAfee has ordered Willis to address the accusations in writing by the end of this week, and he has called for a televised hearing about them on Feb. 15.

It’s not a stretch to imagine that Willis is feeling like she caught a break by not having to testify in divorce court, but she’s nowhere near done having to address and account for the alleged corruption that’s all over her attempts to target Trump.

The prosecution of Donald Trump in Fulton County and the other ridiculous trials are nothing short of political persecution. The left wants nothing more than to neutralize Trump and keep him from defeating Joe Biden in 2024, and don’t kid yourself: Democrats would do the same to any other Republican frontrunner.

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