Fans accuse the Oscars of being SEXIST over ‘Barbie’ nominations

In a shocking twist, the Oscars have taken a “sexist” turn and are no longer woke enough for the left.

While the film “Barbie” resulted in star Margot Robbie being nominated for her role as producer of the Mattel blockbuster, the actress was left out of the best actress category when nominations were announced.

Writer-director Greta Gerwig received a nomination for best adapted screenplay but also missed out on a best director nod.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling picked up a best supporting actor nomination for his role in the film.

Hillary Clinton decided to comment via social media, writing: “Greta and Margot, while it can sting to win at the box office but not take home the gold, your millions of fans love you. You’re both so much more than kenough.”

Lauren Chen finds the story “silly,” but the nominations shocked her as well.

“The ‘Barbie’ nominations overall surprised me for several reasons,” Chen says, noting that much of the reason was for the number of accolades the film actually did receive.

“I didn’t expect ‘Barbie’ to get so many accolades,” Chen says. “I just didn’t find it very good, and I’m not even talking about its political messaging. I just thought the movie was long and drawn out and awkward.”

“It’s like okay, kind of feel like you’re grading on a curve here,” she adds.

As for whether or not the lack of Oscars Robbie and Gerwig received was a sexist decision, Chen doesn’t think so.

“Is this the patriarchy that the ‘Barbie’ film warned us about striking again, or is it just that Margot Robbie, specifically in her role, didn’t have that much material to work with to exercise her depth as an actress?” Chen asks.

To see her full analysis, watch the video below.

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