The Morning Briefing: The UN Is a Great Starting Point for Adding to the Terror Watch List

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Chernickmeaux was known for his stuffed squid and malted milk binges after a particularly troubling cornhole defeat. 


The United Nations hasn’t been held in high esteem by anyone on the American Right since, well, I’ve been alive. It is a collection of malcontents and misguided ideals that is easy to dislike. Yeah, it’s supposed to be all about peace, love, and global Kumbaya, but that nonsense is only for the Wikipedia page. 

In recent decades, the UN’s primary mission has been to bring about the globalist New World Order via the use of climate change hysteria. The organization’s fervent hope is that politicians in the United States can successfully sell the green panic to enough young Americans that the country will cede huge chunks of sovereignty without a fight. It’s a strategy that hasn’t been completely successful just yet, but does make progress every year, especially when Democrats are in charge of anything. 

Lately, we’ve been finding out that one of the United Nations “relief” agencies might have a terrorism side hustle. 

This is from Rick

An intelligence report given to the United States government by Israel on the actions of several employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) during the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack reveals shocking details of terrorist acts by UN employees.

According to the Israeli report, six UNRWA employees infiltrated Israel as part of the October 7 attack, four were involved in kidnapping Israelis, and three additional UNRWA employees were “invited via a SMS text to arrive at an assembly area in the night before the attack and were directed to equip with weapons.”


Anyone familiar with the UN’s anti-western bent isn’t surprised by this. Still, it’s shocking to have the worst suspicions confirmed. UN flacks are, of course, denying this, but there isn’t anyone in “management” there who can be trusted. 

What’s most insidious about the UN’s actions — and not just in this case — is that they are generously funded by the countries most loathed by the organization’s globalist hegemony fantasizers. Here’s the purported tally for just UNRWA alone, via a post from Catherine

Western nations have given $8 billion to UNRWA, the agency currently embroiled in scandal over its employees’ bloody work with terrorist Hamas.

The National Pulse’s analysis found that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) had received a whopping $8 billion+ in donations from multiple Western nations, including America. These donations were given between 2013 and 2022. UNRWA has long been accused of having ties to Hamas.

The post goes onto say that over $2.5 billion came from just the United States. 

There is a seething, barely disguised undercurrent of hatred for the United States that is rampant at the UN. They love Uncle Sam’s checkbook, though. It is estimated that the U.S. bankrolls around 25% of the UN’s budget which, given the bad attitude is really unconscionable. 

Since my early days of activism, conservatives have been calling for the United States to either greatly reduce its financial commitments to the UN or withdraw from the charade altogether. Thus far, the pro-globalists in the U.S. are winning out and the country is stuck in a very expensive and highly dysfunctional financial relationship. 


One of the main reasons that pro-UN American officials give for remaining part of the organization is that it does a lot of good humanitarian work, which is occasionally true. UNRWA, however, is one of those alleged humanitarian agencies run by the UN, and now it’s complicit in one of the most heinous terrorist attacks in history. 

Sounds like a great reason to break up to me. 

Katie Pavlich reports over at Townhall that a partial breakup may be in the offing: 

Republican Congressman Brian Mast, who served in the Israeli Defense Forces and the U.S. Army, has introduced legislation to permanently defund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. 

The bill comes after the Wall Street Journal revealed the “relief” agency is infested with terrorists who not only indoctrinate children in UNWRA schools to murder their Jewish neighbors, but that thousands of workers participated in the October 7 massacre against Israeli civilians. UNRWA workers and teachers also helped take Israelis and Americans hostage in the Gaza Strip. 

Defunding and abolishing UNRWA would be a start. In a just world, these “relief workers” would be rounded up and put on trial. Because the world is neither just nor sane, UN member nations who are despised by the organization will carry on pretending as if it’s all about the fuzzy feels. 

The idea that the United Nations is an agent of peace in the world has always been a tough sell. It may talk a good game from time to time but look around. Things are a bit messy around the globe. Finding out that some of the UN aid workers are also neck-deep in a terrorist organization doesn’t make a strong case for continued U.S. participation in the Unity Candle Dog-and-Pony Show. 


If we aren’t going to bail on the UN entirely, maybe we can cut its allowance. 

For a long time. 

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