Disease X seems like an engineered plan as corporate media blasts headlines about “next pandemic” causing “20 times” more deaths than COVID

Disease X seems like an engineered plan as corporate media blasts headlines about “next pandemic” causing “20 times” more deaths than COVID

Following the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual Davos forum, the corporate-controlled media is having a heyday spreading propaganda about the next “pandemic,” known as “Disease X,” which numerous reports claim will be “20 times” more deadly than the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Daily Express (United Kingdom) recently ran a headline claiming that the next pandemic is “already on the way” and could kill 50 million people.

The Irish Star ran a headline claiming that “medical experts” are already in the process of developing a new vaccine for Disease X, which is described as possibly being “20 times more infectious than Covid.”

The Sun (UK) says that world leaders at Davos gathered “over chilling ‘Disease X’ threat amid fears hypothetical outbreak could kill 20x more” people than COVID did.

The Messenger says that “global elites” are planning for the “next pandemic,” which will be “20 times more fatal than COVID.”

AzerNews parroted much of this by publishing a headline claiming that a new Disease X “which can cause 20 times more deaths than Covid-19 to be discussed in Davos.”

And the list goes on and on.

(Related: Last summer, Congress helped craft a bill called the “Disease X Act” that seems to imply that another deadly COVID-like bioweapon will soon be unleashed upon the world.)

Disease X isn’t real – it’s FAKE just like COVID was

According to Dr. Robert Malone, writing for the Brownstone Institute, all of these headlines constitute “black” propaganda because none of the so-called “experts” are ever named in any of the articles, nor are there any peer-reviewed papers cited as evidence of “a deadly pathogen causing 20 times more deaths than COVID-19.”

“Yet these narratives are all headline news in mainstream media,” Dr. Malone warns.

“This is just another exercise in globalized messaging to support the WHO [World Health Organization] and WEF-pushed narrative that governments must pour billions into the largest transnational corporations in the world to ‘cure’ a non-existent disease.”

The “grey” propaganda that is also being disseminated accomplishes much the same purpose as the black propaganda, except that grey propaganda is being pushed directly by the WEF and the WHO, among other globalist entities.

Even at Davos, it was admitted that Disease X is an “unidentified disease,” meaning it is fake. And yet, the globalists in attendance at the meeting spoke about it as if it is not only real but already possibly in circulation.

“The big push from the WHO and the WEF is that ‘Disease X’ will be zoonotic,” Dr. Malone warns. “That money to surveil every speck of land in the world is the path forward to stopping ‘Disease X.'”

“What a coincidence that the brand new CIA [Central Intelligence Agency]/ intelligence agency designated to run the National Counterproliferation and Biosecurity Center to surveil pathogens intends to do just that. And that this happens to be intended to run in parallel with the CIA mission to surveil the world for other (nefarious?) purposes.”

One of the main purposes behind all this Disease X propaganda is to implement the WHO’s so-called “One Health” solutions, which are described by the United Nations (UN) body as follows:

“Government officials, researchers and workers across sectors at the local, national, regional and global levels should implement joint responses to health threats. This includes developing shared databases and surveillance across different sectors, and identifying new solutions that address the root causes and links between risks and impacts.”

In other words, One Health gives public officials everywhere the excuse and tools necessary to seize total control over their jurisdictions, allowing them to use artificial intelligence (AI) and other authoritarian tools to regulate the internet, agriculture, climate change, public health, medical systems, ecological sites, and both urban and rural areas during the next “crisis.”

The latest news about Disease X can be found at Pandemic.news.

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