John Harwood labels the idea that people are being crushed by a bad economy as ‘crazy bulls**t’

John Harwood, who describes himself as a journalist on his X profile, listed several ideas that he described as ‘crazy bulls**t,” including the notion that Americans are being hit hard by a poor economy.

Specifically, Harwood wrote that “the ‘weaponized Justice Department’ is bulls**t,” “the rigged Swift-Kelce-Pfizer-psy-op Super Bowl is bulls**t,” “the Biden-Mayorkas impeachment drive is bulls**t,” “the terrible-economy-crushing-Americans is bulls**t,” and “the Trump victimhood whining is bulls**t.” He then added, “It’s all crazy bulls**t.”

While many commenters agreed with him, others did not.

“1 out of 6. Not bad, for you,” one person responded.

“I love how he mixes stupid tik tok stories in with legit news. You are not a serious person, John Harwood,” someone else wrote.

Last year, in a November post, Harwood used the phrases “flagrant criminality” and “deranged mental state” when referring to former President Donald Trump. In that same post, Harwood claimed that “journalists need to better convey 2 realities,” including “the US economy is doing well, not poorly” and that “Biden at 80 is handling the job effectively right now.”

In another November post, Harwood wrote, “Boom or bust, there’s never a time when many, many Americans/businesses don’t struggle to make ends meet,” adding, “The issue is compared to what.”

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