NYC man filmed hacking police with machete won’t be charged with attempted murder

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A deranged Brooklyn man was caught on film last week hacking at NYPD officers with a machete. Although wounded in the attack, the officers nevertheless managed to subdue the suspect.

This bloodletting was apparently not enough to convince a New York City grand jury to hold 40-year-old Jean Blain accountable for his alleged actions. While willing to hit Blain with some lesser charges, the jury decided not to indict him with attempted murder.

NYPD officers were called to an apartment on New York Avenue near Beverley Road around 3:20 p.m. on Jan. 22, following reports of a man acting erratically,
reported the New York Daily News.

Officers reportedly spoke to Blain’s family prior to engaging him.

The New York Post
indicated that Blain has been arrested on at least three other occasions and has a history of emotional disturbances. In 2015, he was arrested for reportedly exposing his genitals to women in Times Square. On another occasion, he was arrested for allegedly stealing his neighbor’s car.

Footage of the incident shows Blain, who reportedly also goes by “Insane Blain,” beginning to freak out as officers calmly attempt to make the arrest.

“No! No! No!” roars Blain, still seated on his bed.

“Please be cooperative,” responds one of the officers.

“You know what?” shouts Blain, sliding a hand under the sheets and grabbing a hidden machete. “F*** that.”

The deranged man stands on the bed and raises the machete.

Someone off-camera yells, “Oh sh**, look out!” as Blain begins hacking repeatedly at the officers.

Police indicated that Blain slashed a 40-year-old sergeant on the right side of the head. Another was slashed on the wrist while attempting to subdue the attacker. The third officer was reportedly struck by the machete on the shoulder.

The officers were taken to Kings County Hospital and have since been discharged.

Sources told the Post that Blain, who was ordered held without bail Wednesday, had allegedly slashed another victim two weeks earlier, cutting the victim’s ear and hand just three blocks away in an unrelated, unprovoked attack.

The victim, Giovanty Guinea, told the Post, “I just went to get my coffee and he came out of the store.”

“He asked me, ‘What do you want?'” continued Guinea. “I didn’t say anything and he just attacked me. I didn’t know what to do. I just ran.”

“I just want justice,” added Guinea. “He tried to kill me. That’s never happened to me before. And he tried to kill me.”

Blain has not yet been charged in connection to Guinea’s attack.

Despite his alleged history of violence and the distinct possibility that any machete stroke could have been life-ending, a grand jury decided during Blain’s appearance in Brooklyn Criminal Court that he should be spared from attempted murder charges largely due to his supposed mental instability.

The Daily News noted he was, however, ultimately charged with assault, menacing, and weapon possession.

Vincent Vallelong, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, indicated in a
letter to members that the grand jury “refused to indict him for Attempted Murder and were undecided on charges of Assault in the First Degree.”

“This unbalanced justice system has created an unprecedented dangerous environment,” wrote Vallelong. “Had the machete not been dull, we would have been attending at least one police funeral, possibly more. Why is this case not eligible for remand? Who takes responsibility if this deranged man harms or kills others while he is free awaiting trial?”

Vallelong stressed that New York City officials “have proven that they are clueless in how to address real-life daily dangers that so many New Yorkers are needlessly facing.”

Blain is currently being held in psychiatric ward as investigators look into his alleged attack on Guinea.

Blain’s apparent machete attack came just days before a
mob of illegal aliens viciously assaulted NYPD officers. The migrant mob was released without bail shortly thereafter.

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