The Morning Briefing: Biden’s America — Jail Time for Praying, but It’s OK to Beat Up a Cop

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. (The Sine Qua Non Sequitur is on hiatus and will return sometime before Easter. Or next Monday. Which is still before Easter. Anyway, pants are awful.)


I would say “Raise your hands if you’re as sick of this as I am,” but we’re all probably too exhausted from battling the enemy within to do even that. 

OK, I exaggerate. A bit. 

The news stories that we’re going to discuss today are just a couple examples of why I would like to travel the country and shake Never Trump Republicans until they snap out of their fascism-enabling pity parties. Yeah, I’m sure that there are some legal hurdles there, but we can figure something out. 

The first has to do with the fact that the chief law enforcement officer of the United States is a raging psychopath who is being empowered by his crazy old man boss and the un-American cabal that runs his brain. Attorney General Merrick Garland hates decent people but loves criminals. 

This is from something that Lincoln wrote yesterday

On Tuesday in Nashville, six pro-life activists were convicted of violating laws related to the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. Life Site News reports that those people include Chester Gallagher of Lebanon, Tenn.; Heather Idoni and Calvin Zastrow of Michigan; Coleman Boyd of Bolton, Miss., and Dennis Green of Cumberland, Va. Also among those convicted was Centerville, Tenn., resident Paul Vaughn, who in 2022 was arrested at gunpoint in front of his family. Another participant, Caroline Davis, pleaded guilty to her charges in October of last year. Davis agreed to cooperate with the government and testify against her co-defendants. Sentencing is set for July. The defendants face a fine of $260,000 and up to 10.5 years in prison.

The incident in question took place in March of 2021 at the Carafem Health Center Clinic in Mt. Joliet, Tenn. Of note: the center ceased providing abortions a year and a half later in the wake of anti-abortion legislation passed by the state legislature. The nature of the federal charges sounds dire, but the incident involved people entering a hallway, singing hymns, and praying. Some sat in front of the doors to block the entrance to the clinic. It was, by all accounts, a “mostly peaceful protest.” (Irony intended.)



Let us not forget that the focus on persecuting pro-life activists is being done with the urging of the president who the leftmedia hacks love reminding us is Roman Catholic. As a lifelong and practicing Roman Catholic, I can assure you that the Church is still exceedingly anti-abortion and any of its members who support abortion have wandered far afield from doctrine. 

And humanity.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that President LOLEightyonemillion has never really been a good Catholic. 

It has never been more obvious that Garland’s goon squad is focused on ruining the lives of any American who might vote Republican. Sure, they were motivated by hatred for Trump in the beginning and targeted his supporters, but I truly believe that they want to eliminate all political opposition now. Libertarians might want to start being more vigilant. 

Now, if you want to do some real damage to property or other human beings, there’s a good chance that Garland and his judicial ilk will merely give you a wink and an “Atta boy.” 

Athena covered this insanity

Around 8:30 on Saturday night, two NYPD officers told a rowdy group of migrants to move along West 42nd Street, where they were being disruptive. A scuffle with one of the Newest Americans broke out, and the officers wrestled him to the ground — and then the rest of the pack dogpiled them. The officers were kicked and punched before the precious asylees fled down 42nd Street. 

Darwin Andres Gomez Izquiel, 19, Kelvin Servat Arocha, 19, Juarez Wilson, 21, and Yorman Reveron, 24, were all soon arrested, charged with assault, and — all together now — released without bail. Jhoan Boada, 22, was arrested Monday night and charged with attempted assault of a police officer, and also set free. The quintet has presumably returned to the shelters, where they will continue to sponge off Americans and crap on our laws.


This is a toxic combination of the Democrats’ celebration of the criminal element that is flooding across our border and the deep hatred for law enforcement that was institutionalized in the party by His High Holiness the Lightbringer Barack Obama. If Democrats were at all honest, the criminal mistreatment of law enforcement officers would be included in their platform at the convention next summer. 

Of course, dealing with these people like the criminals that they are would involve admitting that we rightwing nutjobs have been correct about the border all along. It’s not a stretch to believe that the progressives in blue cities and counties began the “catch and release” approach to criminals in anticipation of the crush of illegals. 

Again, how anyone who calls him or herself a Republican is considering an anti-Trump protest vote or, just as bad, not voting at all is beyond me. It is incredibly naive to think that they’ll be safe from this kind of harassment just because they made it clear that they don’t like Trump. Reiterating: the Left wants to destroy anyone who might be an electoral threat at any time in the future. 

This isn’t the time for feelings or warm, fuzzy dreams of bipartisanship. These people are scary and they would destroy all of us in a day if they could. 

Thankfully, for the moment, they can’t. 

Just don’t let them catch you praying. 

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