Allie Beth Stuckey talks Taylor Swift: What’s the pop star’s role in the 2024 election and a potential baby boom?

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Taylor Swift is all the buzz right now, and for once, it’s not her latest release or her latest break up that have people talking. Rather, it’s the question of whether the super star will be used as a political tool in Biden’s campaign.

While Allie Beth Stuckey admits that Taylor Swift is “extremely influential,” she doesn’t think the musician “is going to convince anyone, or at least very many people, to vote Democrat who weren’t going to already.”

“There have been a lot of influential celebrities out there who have tried to sway elections, and it just hasn’t worked,” says Allie.

On the subject of a potential baby boom, many have predicted that Swift will “encourage women into this stable, domesticated life of having kids.”

“Maybe,” says Allie, adding that such a scenario would be “a positive development.”

However, there’s also the possibility that Swift “will convince women that having a long series of seemingly toxic, unhealthy, long-term relationships until you find the rich man of your dreams when you’re 34 … is normal and good.”

“But it’s not. That’s not a goal to aspire to,” says Allie. “I don’t think she’s harmless, but I also don’t think she’s as harmful as some people make her out to be.”

“She’s not the person on whom the Western world will rise and fall, but she’s also not a great role model for young girls.”

To hear more of Allie’s analysis regarding the extent to which Taylor Swift influences the public, watch the clip below.

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