Doctor explains why he shows his young kids ‘South Park’

Addiction medicine specialist and media personality Dr. Drew Pinsky, better known as “Dr. Drew,” is well aware of the impact of screens on children.

“Screens are a problem,” he tells Dave Rubin. “No doubt that screens are part of the distress that’s going on right now, particularly for young people.”

According to Drew, the solution is society coming to a general consensus that screen time is not good for children.

“The only way it’ll happen is if all parents in every given community do it together, otherwise it’ll be just sharing screens during the day and stuff,” he says.

Rubin notes that no matter how many parents say they refuse to allow their kids to have screen time, a lot of parents end up giving in.

“You might want a quiet dinner at a restaurant one night and you hand them the iPad and then it’s five years later and then they’re just whatever they do, they’re making cookies,” he tells Drew.

Dr. Drew isn’t perfect either.

“One of the things we did that maybe was inadvisable, I watched ‘South Park’ with my sons,” he tells Rubin. “I always felt okay about it even though there was some inappropriate stuff in there because we discuss it all, and we talk about it.”

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