Rep. Massie reveals NEW info about the Jan 6 pipe bomb

If you listen to the left, you probably believe that democracy “almost died” on January 6. But if you listen to Thomas Massie, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the story.

Massie has new information that completely turns the January 6 stories upside down: the January 6 pipe bomb found at the DNC headquarters in Washington, D.C., was found by a plain-clothes U.S. Capitol Police officer.

The U.S. Capitol Police officer was originally reported to be a random passerby.

Before the truth about the DNC pipe bomb was uncovered, Massie’s “charitable interpretation of the video” was, “That’s some random passerby and he says to the cops, ‘There’s something bright and shiny over there in the weeds, you might want to check it out,’” Massie tells Pat Gray.

“Maybe that could explain their lackadaisical approach to the bomb,” he continues, “but I got confirmation that not only was that an undercover police officer, he told them there was a bomb over there.”

“So, then your thought process is that they knew it was a serious problem, yet they just sat there like it was no big deal,” Gray says.

According to Massie, the bomb sat for 17 hours and was outfitted with a 60-minute kitchen timer.

“Everybody keeps telling me this thing was viable, but it had a minute kitchen timer,” Massie says in disbelief. “If these were operable bombs, which the FBI maintains, this is one of the most serious threats to a vice president ever because she was sitting 30 feet away.”

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