‘Squad’ Member Supports Drunk Drivers on House Floor, and Her Antics May Have Just Broken MADD

A leftist Congresswoman from Washington might have just broken Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) with her speech about drunk driving illegal aliens. 

MADD started as a concern about — try to stay with me on this — stopping people who drink too much alcohol from then driving a motor vehicle. Candace Lightner lost her daughter to a drunk driver and in 1980 embarked upon an effort to put an end to the risky practice and MADD was born. 


The organization now lobbies against “impaired,” not just drunk, driving. It creates public service announcements, writes prevention programs for schools, and has lobbied for laws making it easier to for police arrest and prosecutors to prosecute drunk drivers. The scope of the group’s work continuously increases depending on donations and government grants. 

In 2023, MADD spent $422,000 lobbying Congress and more than $1 million in the last three years alone, according to Open Secrets. These lobbying activities have increased exponentially since 2020. But despite its large size and ever-expanding scope of work, it now looks like Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) might have just broken MADD. Jayapal and 149 other Democrats — Oh, who are we kidding? Commies — voted against deporting convicted, provable, drunk drivers back to where they came from before they illegally broke into this country. 

This isn’t even a hard one. 

Jayapal came to the U.S. to get an American college education and stay forever in the Land of the Free to become a Democrat commie activist and “organizer.” In Congress, she became the head of the progressive caucus as a full-fledged member of The Squad, which is on whose behalf she spoke when she told the House of Representatives this week that drunk driving shouldn’t be a deportable offense for illegal aliens. And, by the way, please don’t call them illegal aliens. 


“Are we really saying,” she asked rhetorically, “that the best use of our very limited federal government resources is to work on deporting a green card holder who decided to sleep in his car rather than drive home drunk from a bar? A green card holder not trying to drive drunk and just try to stay warm?” 

She wasn’t done spinning yet. “I certainly don’t think that’s a good use of our resources,” the Hamas sympathizer said. Furthermore, she added, “I certainly don’t think it’s a good use of our time on this floor.” 

“And I hope my colleagues would stop referring to people as illegal. They’re human beings,” she remonstrated as if we can’t see for ourselves the thousands of military-aged males pouring over our border on our Southern Border with the help of drug and human trafficking cartels. 

Those who have learned about the term illegal aliens from those lawn signs should probably be told that the word “aliens” is an immigration term of art referring to people who come to the country from someplace else. The prefix “illegal” means they came here — stay with me — illegally. Glad we could clear that up. 

Anyway, Jayapal is always on the side of illegal alien lawbreakers. Her husband is a labor organizer, which must make the family’s discussions about “living wages” quite interesting. Her sister is trying to ruin Oregon by running for Congress. 


Back in the day, Bill Clinton broke the National Organization for Women (NOW). NOW sold out its cause of women’s rights by supporting the womanizing and Jeffrey Epstein-bestie Clinton, who told his sexual assault victim Juanita Broaddrick to “put some ice on that.” To his other victims, such as Paula Jones, Clinton’s ice breaker was “kiss it.” 

NOW was never the same again. 

Now we’re looking at MADD and wondering where its remonstrance of the congresswoman is. There’s nothing in my MADD email and nothing on MADD’s social media that I’ve seen about this acceptance of drunk driving. 

MADD has given only one campaign donation recently. That was a $10 contribution to Joe Biden. 

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