East Palestine Doctor Reports on Local Ailments Since 2023 Toxic Explosion: “Rashes Headaches, I myself Suffered Welts, Diarrhea – Benzene and Vinyl Chloride Metabolites in Their Blood” (VIDEO)

Dr. Rick Tsai says East Palestine was not forgotten – we were just abandoned.

It’s been nearly a year since the train derailment and toxic explosion in East Palestine, Ohio.

The community was ignored and forgotten by the Biden regime and Democrats since the historic catastrophe.

On Saturday Real America’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam traveled to East Palestine to speak with the local community before Joe Biden’s photo op in the forgotten community in the coming days.

Ben spoke with Dr. Rick Tsai, a local doctor and whistleblower for the suffering people of East Palestine.

** Dr. Rick Tsai, a local doctor who is running for Congress in Congressional District 6 in Ohio.

Ben Bergquam: Rick Tsai, who’s also a congressional candidate now, who’s treated many of the patients, is here to talk about exactly what’s happened where we’re at now. And Rick, you heard that. You heard Joe Biden is finally coming. He hasn’t set foot in this town since this happened. So we’re going to be talking to the folks about that. But Rick, just in a nutshell, what has the last year been for you guys?

Dr. Rick Tsai: So the whole town is fractured, both mentally and some physically. I’ve been documenting the creeks for over a year now. Just this weekend, I took media down and right in that area there, I dug dry dirt from the bank, chopped it up, threw it in the creek, and chemicals come right out of the dirt. The EPA says they can’t find any evidence of chemicals. I could teach a seven year old to do that and they can’t find it with their millions of dollars. And that’s why I’ve decided to run. A seat, opened up. I’m running for Congress d six, and I’m going to win this. You know, you’re an outsider if Ted Nugent endorses you. So I’m going against two established politicians embedded like Alabama ticks, and I’m going to pry them out and I’m going to win this vote for me, Rick Chai. My web page is rickchai.com, ricktsai.com. It’s the only way to bring justice to this area and I’ll fight for the entire d six.

Ben Bergquam: What did you see? So when you’re treating people, what kind of illnesses? What are you seeing?

Dr. Rick Tsai: So rashes, headaches. I myself suffered welts, a lot of diarrhea. Gastric problems are very common. So I was the only doctor that I know that consistently went against the CDC and tested people’s blood. And a high ratio of people came up with benzene and vinyl chloride metabolites in their blood. The EPA would say, well, maybe they pumped gas that day and got gas on their hands. It’s criminal what happened here and what’s still happening here.

Via The War Room:

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