Sickening: Check out what the Biden administration says is causing higher crime, inflation, and overdoses

Skyrocketing crime rates, suffocating inflation, and rampant drug overdoses are just three of many of the United States’ most pressing concerns.

While President Biden loves to point the finger and refuse to accept responsibility, Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Pat Gray know the truth.

As for inflation, Biden likes to use businesses as a scapegoat, especially when it comes to astronomical food prices.

He claimed that “it’s the grocery store abusing and overcharging their shoppers,” Glenn reports.

But we know not to trust anything Sleepy Joe says.

The truth is, inflation is a direct result of unchecked, irresponsible “government spending,” says Stu.

As for the “503% increase in car thefts” in Washington state, the federal government blamed “Hyundai and Kia” for making cars that “are too easy to break into.”

Of course, the increase in crime has nothing to do with “the new state law in Washington that limits police pursuits,” says Glenn sarcastically.

And the Boston pharmacy that was located in a “crime ridden neighborhood” closed down not as a result of being ransacked repeatedly by criminals but rather because of “racism.”

Congresswoman Ayanna Presley “said that … the businesses that are pulling up the stakes” are doing so “not because of ruin but because of racism,” reports Glenn.

When it comes to the 533% increase in drug overdoses due to “synthetic opioids driven by fentanyl” in Oregon, “they still haven’t found the reason for that one.”

It couldn’t possibly be our open borders or the fact that Oregon “legalized all drugs.”

“Does it get to a point at any time where people just stand up and go, ‘This is bullcrap’?” asks Glenn.

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