PA man who allegedly beheaded his father wanted to ‘mobilize National Guard,’ called on followers to kill federal agents

A man who allegedly made his way to a National Guard training camp after beheading his father wanted to mobilize members of his militia against the federal government, according to Fox News Digital.

The authorities released new information from the ongoing investigation on Friday. Justin Mohn, 32, has been charged with first-degree murder and abusing a corpse after he allegedly held up his father’s decapitated head on a YouTube video. During the 14-minute video, Mohn said it was time for “American patriots” to take up arms and “kill federal employees.”

Mohn went on to suggest that he was the chief commander of a national militia network known as “Mohn’s Militia.” He publicly gave an order for those involved in the militia to arrest members of federal law enforcement, torture them for information of some sort, and ultimately execute them, according to the report.

During Mohn’s rant on the video, he criticized the Biden administration and the crisis currently playing out at the border. Then he declared that he is now the new acting U.S. president, according to CNN. He went on to say that his father “Michael Mohn is in hell for being a traitor to his country.”

At one point, Mohn held up a plastic bag with what appears to be a human head inside. “America is rotting from the inside out as far left, woke mobs rampage our once prosperous cities,” Mohn said in the video.

“Taxpayer dollars are printed and are used for anything but the taxpayers with little to no accountability, which has inflated the economy to near destruction. And has made it so that most Americans can no longer afford the American dream,” Mohn continued.

“Meanwhile a fifth column army of illegal immigrants infiltrates our border,” he added, “and if the traitorous Biden regime is successful in sending America’s military overseas to fight for Ukraine and die in a Russian winter, just like every other military who has ever fought Russia in the winter, then America will be less protected when the fifth column of illegal immigrants strikes Americans on our own soil.”

However, Mohn did not call for violence against “state government, state governors, [or] state employees,” according to Bucks County District Attorney Jennifer Schorn. After Mohn was arrested on the National Guard property, he asked to speak with Pennsylvania’s governor so that the two could “join forces.”

Mohn is currently being held without bail.

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