GOP Reps. Slam ‘Spineless Sell-Out’ Border Deal

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The “terrible” Republican-Democrat border deal is an “unserious” attempt to fool Americans while not in the least solving the disastrous border crisis, according to two GOP congressmen.


As of Jan. 27, the border deal worked out by senators including James Lankford (R-Okla.) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) was so leftist that Joe “Open Borders” Biden was already promising the sign it. According to Breitbart, that deal would increase the number of green cards issued yearly, expedite work permits, fund lawyers for Unaccompanied Alien Children, and allow tens of thousands of illegals weekly. 

House Republicans have condemned the proposed deal, as has GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Two of the deal’s sharpest critics are House firebrands Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) and Eli Crane (R-Ariz.). As Arizonans, Biggs and Crane know just how catastrophic the border crisis is, and how essential it is for government to take strict measures.

Crane released an official statement on Twitter/X on Feb. 4. “As expected, the Senate’s border bill is another spineless sell-out by the Establishment that does nothing to protect Americans and, instead, legitimizes an invasion,” Crane argued. “A ‘deal’ that rolls out the red carpet for 4,000 criminal aliens per day is not a deal worthy of consideration. Senate leadership should be embarrassed.” 


Ultimately, the “deal” is a cave to Democrats’ anti-American agenda. “This is an unserious attempt to show progress during an election year, when in reality, they simply bent the knee to Biden’s open-border agenda,” Crane added. “Not to mention, they still managed to include $48.43 billion for their main priority: Ukraine.”

Biggs, meanwhile, called the “terrible” Senate border deal “the worst idea on border ‘security’ — EVER.” According to his Feb. 4 tweet, it’s a “disaster” that “makes matters worse than they already are.” The congressman also provided reasons why he so deprecates this deal. One significant point is that, according to Biggs, the deal “significantly expands the authorities of DHS Secretary Mayorkas” when “[w]e’re supposed to be impeaching him, not empowering him!” Why would Biden’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary be rewarded for his terrible track record?

Secondly, the deal reportedly provides three times the amount of taxpayer funding to Ukraine that it does to our own southern border. While the ongoing invasion of Ukraine is terribly tragic, the U.S. has already funneled many billions of dollars that we don’t really have into funding Ukraine, where the situation has worsened and ever more government corruption is exposed. As Biggs put it, “The Senate ‘border bill’ shells out $60 billion to Ukraine and only $20 billion for our southern border. We cannot become the United States of Ukraine.”


At what point will the Republican Party take seriously the fact that more barely vetted illegals, including potential terrorists, criminals, and foreign agents, are entering America every month than the number of Allied soldiers who invaded Normandy on D-Day in WWII? When will Senate Republicans acknowledge the fact that these illegals drain our taxpayer funding of billions even as our current government spending is unsustainable? This so-called border deal is a threat to our national survival.

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