Mom tests trendy Stanley tumbler for lead – here’s what she found

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Stanley tumblers have quickly become the hottest new trend for everyone from children to adult women.

However, a new claim that Stanley tumblers contain a toxic load of lead by influencer Lead Safe Mama has gone as viral as the cups themselves — fueling anxieties over what poisons consumers may be subjecting themselves and their children to.

Stu Burguiere isn’t so sure the claims are right.

While he believes Lead Safe Mama “appears to be a well-meaning woman who wants to make sure that kids don’t die of lead poisoning,” he’s taken an evidence-based approach to debunk these claims.

Robert Bassett, an associate medical director of the poison control center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, told the Washington Post it’s a “non-risk.”

He’s not alone in his assessment.

Jenna Forsyth, a research scientist who studies lead exposure at Stanford University School of Medicine, explained to the Washington Post that “a person would need to directly inhale or ingest lead to be at risk of exposure so simply touching it wouldn’t necessarily present a health risk.”

In the case of the Stanley mugs, “inhaling or ingesting lead would probably only happen in unlikely scenarios” that include putting “the lead pellet into their mouth” or “if tiny lead particles were broken off and consumed.”

Burguiere believes the case should be closed on Stanley.

“There’s zero chance that lead is going to be anywhere on these cups except for one place,” Burguiere explains.

“It’s the bottom of the cup,” he adds, pointing to the bottom of the cup on the outside, which will not come into contact with any liquids.

“It’s important to note that because of where the lead pellet is, there is zero chance that it can get into the drink,” he continues, “unless you did it intentionally.”

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