New Jersey Bill Would Allow Teachers to Give Obscene Material to Minors

Republicans nationwide have been fighting hard to protect the innocence and lives of children from the dangerous groomers who seek to sexualize them. It’s no small victory when Republicans successfully restrict schools or public libraries from making pornographic materials available to kids. 


In the past, we’ve shown examples of the filth that is available to young children in the name of LGBTQ inclusivity, and you’ve no doubt heard the stories of angry parents speaking out against schools and libraries making such materials available and even offering them to their children.

While it’s crazy to think that this is a fight that needs to take place, the truth is that the radical left is hellbent on exposing children to pornography, and it’s aggressively fighting back against efforts to get this garbage out of schools. 

Last week, Democrats in New Jersey introduced Senate Bill 2421, euphemistically dubbed the “Freedom to Read Act,” that not only carves out an exemption for teachers and librarians from state obscenity laws but also entitles them to monetary compensation if they are criticized for doing so.

I wish I could say I was joking.


State Sens. Andrew Zwicker and Teresa Ruiz are the two chief groomers behind this bill. 

What the bill seeks to do is amend the state obscenity laws that make it a crime for someone to distribute obscene material to minors by adding that it is “an affirmative defense to a prosecution […] that the defendant is a teaching staff member, including a school library media specialist, who is engaged in the performance of the person’s duties…” 

In other words, those obscenity laws that protect children do not apply to teachers and librarians. What exactly does New Jersey state law define as obscene material? According to existing law, “obscene material” encompasses any portrayal of specified anatomical areas or sexual activities, whether in pictures, publications, sound recordings, live performances, or films, using posing, composition, format, or animated sensual details to evoke “sensuality with sufficient impact to concentrate prurient interest on the area or activity.” This generally includes the depiction of male and female genitals, female breasts, and various sexual acts. 

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Now, ask yourself: why would any teacher or librarian need legal protection for showing obscene material to children? Not only does the bill do that, but it also protects teachers from losing their jobs for refusing to remove those materials from school and enshrines such educators as “member[s] of a protected class,” who would be protected by anti-discrimination laws. 

They’re not even trying to hide their motives anymore. The bill, which you can read yourself here, doesn’t try to sugarcoat or euphemize what they are trying to do. They are protecting teachers and librarians who show pornographic materials to children.

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