REPLACEMENTS: The number of people pouring over the southern border each year now EXCEEDS the U.S. birth count

REPLACEMENTS: The number of people pouring over the southern border each year now EXCEEDS the U.S. birth count

One of the stealthiest ways to cripple a nation and weaken its power is to rid that nation of its borders. A nation cannot defend itself from foreign adversaries if that nation can no longer define its territory and enforce its laws. Right now, over 300,000 people a month are kicking down the door and marching into the United States as undocumented aliens. This figure now exceeds the U.S. birth rate. Americans are being replaced by hordes of people who could NOT care less about American values, traditions and the republic on which the nation was founded.

To make matters more extreme, the current regime that occupies the White House is not only working against the states and actively sabotaging Americans’ efforts in defending the country from this invasion, they are enabling it. This is a national security issue, but instead of defending Americans, leaders in the federal government are acting in treason, facilitating the invasion and working against America’s interests.

The takedown of America through foreign invasion and occupation

According to statistics from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans are being replaced by a constant stream of illegal immigration at the southern U.S. border. In September 2023, there were approximately 305,000 births in the United States. That same month, there was about 341,000 migrant encounters. More illegals entered the U.S. that month than children being born.

“The Great Replacement Theory” is not some “racist conspiracy” about the White man being replaced by immigrants. The “Great Replacement Theory” more accurately describes the takedown of America through foreign invasion and occupation. Skin color is not important here. The continuity and integrity of a republic is at stake. Americans of all backgrounds and cultures are more vulnerable than ever before because our country is being infiltrated by lawlessness, and it cannot economically sustain the burdens of illegal immigration. To make matters worse, a new voting bloc is being created, one that favors centralization of power, one that seeks to breakdown American values, customs and traditions — all the things that made our republic different from where they originated.

Democrats accelerate the demise of American values, traditions and history

In America right now, history is being rewritten; institutions are being weaponized against Americans; and values and traditions are being replaced by cultural rot and lawlessness. American ideals are being cut up and discarded because the people defending their values are constantly being replaced by a stream of foreign invaders who do not understand nor care about the ideals of liberty, law and personal responsibility.

With open borders, drug dealers and sex traffickers are infiltrating the country. Foreign flags, broken glass and feces fill the city streets, as historic monuments come toppling down, as law enforcement are attacked, as communist ideals overtake our education systems. The American way of life is threatened at every turn because this invasion has gone on too long.

The very people who make up the backbone of the country are regarded as “racist xenophobes” for wanting to defend the country’s borders. These American families are now being replaced by foreign invaders at a rate they cannot compete with. Ten more years of these open border policies will yield a nation where Americans are kicked out of their own homes — their property and their rights a figment of the past.

Right now, government leaders are begging Americans to take in these so-called migrants. In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams pleaded for American homeowners to house the “migrants” that the government can no longer manage in their “sanctuary cities.” Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker even begged Texas Gov. Greg Abbot for “mercy” because Illinois sanctuary cities could no longer manage the invasion that the Democratic Party openly encouraged with their policies.

America is not a diverse and compassionate nation any longer. The Democrats’ open border and sanctuary city policies have created an insecure nation that has no identity, no defense and no pride — a nation that is being eaten away, from the inside out.

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