SHOCK VIDEO: Aliens on Moped Drag Woman Along NYC Street and Rob Her – Cops Reveal Venezuelan Gang is Linked to Dozens of Similar Attacks – Two Thugs Identified and Arrested (VIDEO)

Credit: NYPD

The New York Police Department (NYPD) on Monday shared a horrifying video showing the moment migrants on a moped dragged a woman along a New York City street and stole her phone.

As The New York Post reported, these thugs are members of a Venezuelan moped-riding crew that has been stealing phones from female New Yorkers’ hands in audacious instances of street crimes. Two have been apprehended so far, but several remain at large.

The sick footage shows a moped carrying three riders coming out of an adjacent alley and dragging a woman. The footage ends with her crashing into a small pole.

They then reportedly steal her phone.


19-year-old Cleyber Andrade and 23-year-old Juan Uzcatgu were arrested by the NYPD after the incident. This followed them participating in a crime spree with other members where they stole wallets and cellphones from at least 62 women across the city’s seven boroughs.

The ringleader of the group, Victor Parra, remains at large. The Post notes he was released by a so-called “judge” in December after getting picked up for grand larceny.

NYPD Inspector Nicholas Fiore told reporters at a Monday press conference that Parra convinces others to “go do his dirty work to grab phones and stuff.” He expressed hope they would eventually be able to apprehend the gang leader.

According to the Post, police have also named six other people connected to the ring: 25-year-old Yan Jimenez of Manhattan; 21-year-old Anthony Ramos of Manhattan; 21-year-old Richard Saledo of the Bronx; 21-year-old Beike Jimenez of the Bronx; 32-year-old Maria Manaura of Manhattan; and 27-year-old Samuel Castro of Queens. They remain on the loose as well.

This news is just the latest instance of criminal aliens terrorizing New York City with no fear of the law. The Gateway Pundit’s Kristinn Taylor reported police released a video on last Tuesday evening of a mob of migrants beating and kicking two New York City police officers near a migrant center at Times Square on Saturday night.

The illegals were then released without bail, and one was caught flipping off the cameras after leaving the courtroom. They have now reportedly fled to California.

Count on a similar thing occurring even if these Venezuelan gang bangers are all caught.

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