Biden Calls Netanyahu a ‘Bad F**king Guy’

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Call him President LOLDecency.

It has been a common theme of the Biden regime since even before Old Joe started pretending to be president. On Nov. 2, 2020, just before Biden became, as PJ’s Stephen Kruiser indelibly dubbed him, “President LOLEightyonemillion,” the corrupt old liar declared: “Let’s restore honor and decency to the White House.” On Jan. 6, 2021, as the bogus and weaponized “insurrection” unfolded, Biden called for a restoration of “simple decency.” 


In Sept. 2022, he said: “When I ran, I said one of the reasons I was running was to restore the soul of America. Bring back some decency and honor in the way we talk about one another, the way we deal with one another.” Even last Tuesday, at a campaign stop in Florida, Old Joe said piously: “We have to make clear that, in America, we still believe in honesty, decency, treating people with some dignity and respect.” 

On Sunday, we saw that the our nation’s Chief Corruptocrat practices what he preaches: Politico revealed that he has referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a ““bad f**king guy.” Decency is back!

Politico tried to frame this as something anyone would say, as if the sinister corruptocrat in the Oval Office somehow has the moral high ground as compared with Netanyahu, while simultaneously including a White House wonk’s denial that Decency Joe would ever, ever stoop to saying such a thing: “Like everyone in the administration and any Democrat with a pulse, he’s deeply suspicious of Benjamin Netanyahu, and privately has called the Israeli prime minister a ‘bad f**king guy,’ according to people who’ve talked to the president. (Biden spokesperson Andrew Bates said, ‘the president did not say that, nor would he,’ adding that the two leaders have ‘a decades-long relationship that is respectful in public and in private.’)”

All right. So it’s Bates’ word against that of “people who’ve talked to the president.” How likely is it that Biden said this? Highly likely. Bates’ claim that Biden’s relationship with Netanyahu is “respectful in public and private” contradicts a late December Daily Caller report, to the effect that Old Joe “reportedly hung up on Prime Minister Netanyahu after a heated phone call about the Palestinian tax revenue dispute.” That came from “two U.S. and Israeli officials and a source with knowledge of the issue.” 


What’s more, last July, Axios revealed that “in public, President Biden likes to whisper to make a point. In private, he’s prone to yelling.” He is so unpleasant to deal with that his hapless aides avoid meeting with him in private: “Biden has such a quick-trigger temper that some aides try to avoid meeting alone with him. Some take a colleague, almost as a shield against a solo blast.” The meetings are a charade, anyway, since someone else is giving the real orders, so why should staffers have to endure the old man’s tirades?

And “tirades” is a polite word for it. “Current and former Biden aides who have witnessed and been on the receiving end of such outbursts” say that he tends to scream abuse (Axios calls them “admonitions”) on the order of “G** d***it, how the f**k don’t you know this?!,” “Don’t f**king bullsh*t me!” and “Get the f**k out of here!” That Joe sure is a charmer! 

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What’s more, the Biden regime has made little effort to disguise its hostility to Israel, which is only growing under relentless pressure from its Hamas-supporting far-left base. Old Joe is in trouble with leftists and Muslims who are enraged that he has continued to profess support for Israel, so the Biden regime has been doing its best to appease those who are accusing Israel of genocide by supporting Hamas on the sly, with $10 billion to Iran and $100 million to Gaza

The leftist/Islamic alliance, already showing signs of strain over the left’s obsession with deviant sex and transgender fantasies, could break down over this. Politico’s revelation about Biden badmouthing Netanyahu may be a calculated attempt to prevent this breakup from occurring and to reassure the leftist Israel-haters that the Biden regime is on their side. 


Then the denial mollifies those who actually believed that Biden would be President Decency, as well as the fourteen Democrats who still support Israel, and so everyone goes away happy. Except, of course, for Benjamin Netanyahu, who knows that he is not dealing with a friend or ally in the Oval Office, much less with a decent man.

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