NYC Mayor Adams compares himself to Jesus Christ, says he’s being persecuted for including so many ‘chocolate’ officials

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is being mocked and ridiculed for comparing himself to Jesus Christ in comments he made at a town hall on Wednesday.

The Democrat suggested that he was being criticized because he had installed so many minorities in positions of power in his administration.

“Look at this team, folks. Look at this team. Look at my, look at my deputy mayors!” he said before naming some of the people in the hall.

“Have you ever seen this much chocolate leading the City of New York? And then go down the line. Look, look who’s here. This is representative of the city. That’s why people are hating on me. You trying to figure out why they’re hating on me?” he continued.

“How many of you go to church? Ma’am this is a Matthew 21:12 moment. Jesus walked in the temple, he saw them doing wrong in the temple. He did what?” Adams asked the audience.

“He turned the table over!” replied one member.

“I went to City Hall to turn the table over!” Adams continued. “First woman police commissioner of color. First Spanish speaking police commissioner. First Spanish speaking correction commissioner.”

Adams has been lambasted by many of his constituents over his response to the migrant crisis in New York City. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has bussed migrants into the city in order to challenge Democrats on their “sanctuary city” policies.

Initially, Adams excoriated Abbott, but he has since turned his ire against New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, for the lack of support from the state government. He has also blamed the immigration policies of President Joe Biden, a Democrat, and demanded that the federal government provide funds and other support to address the crisis.

Recent polling shows that voters are blaming Democrats for the continuing crisis that is sapping resources which would otherwise be available to residents.

Here’s the video of Adams’ comments:

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