Sad! Only 4% of Voters Turn Out for South Carolina Biden Re-Coronation

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What the corporate state media will gleefully inform its hopelessly ignorant viewers/readers — what’s left of them — is that Joe Biden won his South Carolina primary bid with over 95% of the vote.



“Vindication,” “show of force,” claims Axios.

Via Axios (emphasis added):

With more than 95% of the vote in all 46 of South Carolina’s counties, an incumbent president couldn’t have asked for a stronger show of force.

It’s a vindication of Biden’s decision to award South Carolina the first slot on Democrats’ primary calendar, after the state’s Black voters helped resurrect his campaign in 2020.

And while his approval rating remains dangerously low, Biden will welcome the contrast of a united Democratic Party with a GOP still clashing over the near-inevitable nomination of former President Trump.

What they’re saying: “The people of South Carolina have spoken again, and I have no doubt that you have set us on the path to winning the presidency again — and making Donald Trump a loser again,” Biden said in a statement.

What they won’t tell their viewers/readers, while cheerleading Biden and demonizing the Bad Orange Man, is that a paltry, pathetic, mere 4% of South Carolina voters turned out to cast their ballots.

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Via Washington Examiner (emphasis added):

President Joe Biden may have had a landslide victory in South Carolina that put to rest lingering doubts about his march to the Democratic nomination, but concerns remain about excitement for November.

While black early voting numbers were strong, overall turnout on Saturday was abysmal at 4%, with even one of Biden’s top allies acknowledging he’ll have a hard time counting on the South for any pickup opportunities in the general election, in which he’ll most likely face a rematch with former President Donald Trump.

Despite Democratic Party efforts to get voters to the polls to show enthusiasm for Biden and his choice to make South Carolina the kickoff state for his reelection bid, both total turnout and overall early voting numbers plummeted in South Carolina’s primary compared to 2020.


96% of voters electing to sit at home rather than come out to show their support for the Brandon entity is what pollsters call an “indicator.” What it indicates is epidemic-level apathy.

No one likes Joe Biden. The best anyone I know personally, or really anyone I’ve almost ever heard from online or elsewhere, can muster is a hold-your-nose, lesser-of-two-evils voting strategy to keep whom they perceive as a fascist out of the Oval Office.

The corporate state knows well that its only hope of winning in 2024 is swapping its demented war horse out for a fresh, diverse alternative, or else going hog-wild with the vote-rigging, such that 2020 really will look in retrospect like the “most secure election of all time” as the constant refrain goes.

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