What the White House is hiding in the latest jobs report

While the media is relaying that the economy is bustling, average Americans are well aware of the truth: the economy is struggling.

“All the way up to the election, they’ve got to convince Americans that it’s just them,” Glenn Beck says.

In the recently released January 2024 jobs report, it’s claimed that unexpectedly, 353,000 jobs have been added.

The average hourly earnings spiked from 4.1 to 4.5, which they claim is the highest since last September.

“Did people get a raise? Did the hourly earnings actually go up because of actual wages?” Glenn asks. “No, it’s a trick. It’s a trap.”

“They actually rose because the Bureau of Labor Statistics decided to slash the number of estimated hours that everybody was working,” Glenn explains. “They said the hours went from 34.4 to 34.1, which may not sound like a lot, but that’s why your hourly looks like it’s going up, because they changed that one metric.”

“If that metric is true, the last time the work week was this low was when the economy was shut down because of COVID,” he continues.

As for the number of jobs added, Glenn is also quite skeptical.

“Long story short here, what was until December a decline in jobs has now been miraculously transformed into gains,” he says, noting that the average monthly increase in 2023 has been revised from 224,000 to 255,000.

The BLS employment survey claims that 353,000 jobs were added, but the household survey that counts the number of employed workers dropped by 31,000.

“If the numbers are true the way they’ve adjusted everything, the number of employed workers would need to soar by 9 million to catch up to what the payroll claims is the actual employment situation,” Glenn explains.

“So, tell me we’re getting healthier. I don’t think we are,” he adds.

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