Find out where illegal immigrants are allowed to vote

According to the mainstream media and its loyal leftist followers, the great replacement theory is just another extremist, right-wing, MAGA, conspiracy theory.

But with everything happening because of our open border, Sara Gonzales is fairly confident that they’re wrong.

“It’s just that places like New York are already doing this in local elections. They are allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections,” Gonzales says.

Now, experts are warning that a loophole in Arizona’s election procedures may allow non-citizens to cast federal election ballots in the 2024 presidential election.

Arizona’s secretary of state, Adrien Fontes, crafted the election procedures manual to permit individuals with unverifiable citizenship to register as “federal only voters” in order to participate in federal elections.

Fontes, of course, happens to be a Democrat.

“This is happening,” Gonzales says angrily. “As much as they want to claim this is not happening, this absolutely is happening.”

“They are literally trying to create loopholes so that illegal immigrants can vote in federal elections,” she continues. “We’re talking about the Presidential Election. If you don’t think that this is what the whole master plan has been, I don’t know what to tell you at this point.”

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