RINOs to the Rescue: Mayorkas Impeachment Crumbles

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A few weeks ago, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) went public with allegations that some of his fellow Republicans may have been “compromised” by Russian date bait.

“The old honeypot, the Russians do that,” Burchett stated. “And I’m sure members of Congress have been caught up. Why in the world would good conservatives vote for crazy stuff?”


The congressman was just getting started.

“Next thing you know, you’re in the motel room with ’em naked, and next thing you know, you’re about to make a key vote,” Burchett continued. “And what happens? Some well-dressed person comes up and whispers in your ear, ‘Hey man, there’s tapes out on you.'”

What about a job offer? Is that enough to swing a vote?

Legendary Republican squish Ken Buck (R-Colo.)was a “solid no” when it came to impeaching Mayorkas for the chaos at the southern border.

Sure, he admits the border is a mess and that Mayorkas is “terrible,” but he feels allowing a mass invasion — while claiming the border is secure — just isn’t enough to send Mayorkas packing.

FACT-O-RAMA! Democrats impeached Trump twice, once over a phone call regarding Joe Biden’s skullduggery involving Ukrainian bribes. The Oversight Committee has since amassed a Mt. McKinley-sized pile of evidence about the BIden clan’s pay-to-play schemes.

Buck has also been rubbing shoulders with Pravda press apparatchiks.

During an interview on MSNBC, Buck admitted he was bowing out of politics and looking at a job with the Communist News Network (CNN).

FACT-O-RAMA! Arizona politician Kari Lake was recently offered a tasty job to “go away” from politics for two years.

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Then someone tried to bribe Lake yet again.

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Buck also threw Republicans under the bus with the same tired rhetoric your blue-haired sister-in-law screeches on Facebook.

I have decided, Andrea, that I am not going to seek re-election. I am joining Kay [Granger of Texas] and probably some others in the near future. But I’ve decided that it is time for me to do some other things. I always have been disappointed with our inability in Congress to deal with major issues.

And I’m also disappointed that the Republican Party continues to, you know, rely on this lie that the 2020 election was stolen, and rely on the January 6th narrative, and the political prisoners from January 6th and other things. – Ken Buck, on MSNBC

You won’t be stunned to learn Buck was also against an impeachment inquiry regarding Joe Biden and the tens of millions of dollars the Oversight Committee has found linking him to unsavory characters in Ukraine, China, Russia, and elsewhere, going so far as to suggest Biden had nothing to do with the ousting of a Ukrainian prosecutor he laughingly admits to getting fired on video.

California Republican Congressman Tom McClintock has joined Team Gelding and come out against impeaching Mayorkas for purposely gutting our nation with “cultural enrichers.”

In his bootlicky statement, McClintock declared that the impeachment “articles accurately summarize the enormous economic and social damage” caused by Mayorkas’ border fiasco. He even goes so far as to state the Biden “administration’s policy is the result of reversing the successful policies of the Trump administration,” yet he can’t seem to find a reason to impeach Mayorkas.


Here is a video of Ken Buck mollycoddling FBI Director Christopher Wray;

With Ken “cuck” Buck and McClintock putting their tails between their legs, as did Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) and Blake Moore, (R-Utah), Mayorkas can continue to flood our nation with criminals.

Expect the same treatment when Biden gets called to the carpet. Despite the pile of evidence connecting Joe Biden to commie cash, the Swamp will defend its own.

This is no longer Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s We the People vs. the uniparty dedicated to toppling our nation. 

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