World Economic Forum Capo: Trump Will Be ‘Death Blow’ to ‘Global Order’

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World Economic Forum capo, Yuval Noah Harari, issued a stark warning regarding Trump’s candidacy for president and its implications for the security of the “global order” during a recent podcast appearance.


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If [Donald Trump is elected again], it is likely to be the kind of, like, the death blow to what remains of the global order. And he says it openly. Now, again, it should be clear that many of these politicians, they present a false dichotomy, a false binary vision of the world as if you have to choose between patriotism and globalism, between being loyal to your nation and being loyal to some kind of, I don’t know, global government or whatever.

By definition, loyalty to a nation and loyalty to a “global government or whatever,” as Harari puts it, are, in fact, mutually exclusive. That’s why, with notable and curious exceptions we won’t go into here, Americans and most any other nation of people on Earth do not tolerate dual loyalties split between the United States and whatever other country one might feel an affinity for. It’s also why elected officials swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution, not to defend “the Constitution and the global government or whatever.”


This kind of un-strategic pronouncement is confusing because — let’s give the devil his due — Yuval Noah Harari is an intelligent ultra-nerd. He clearly understands the mechanics of erecting and maintaining a digital social control grid. He devotes himself to inventing elaborate justifications for it and disseminating them in corporate state media propaganda campaigns.

Putting aside the requisite moral degeneracy to advocate first enslaving humanity to The Beast and then replacing it altogether with machines, there is knowledge, skill, and intellect there.

So, he would know, one would expect, that declaring Trump an existential threat to the “global world order” is going to do nothing but endear him further to that large, and growing, segment of the American population that hates the global technocracy and the people building it like Yuval Noah Harari himself.

I only wish Trump were as committed to the destruction of the “global government or whatever” as Harari fears he is. Were Trump half the kind of monster they portray him as, we might actually get some movement on dislodging Harari and Co. from their filthy seat of power.

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