‘I’m attacked for … saying the quiet part out loud’: Phillips highlights Biden’s apparent decline

Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota, who is running against President Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, is calling out Biden’s apparent decline over time.

“I’m not seeing cognitive decline,” Phillips previously said to Sean Hannity, according to reports. “Of course, we’re seeing physical and communication decline.”

Dean tweeted, “I’m attacked for being honest and saying the quiet part out loud – the part DC insiders only do in private. I admire our President. I voted for him and campaigned for him. He has visited my home and been gracious to my family and our country. But shame on all of you pretending everything is ok. You are leading us – and him – into a disaster, and you damn well know it.”

In his post, the congressman shared two clips of Biden, including one in which Biden suggested that Mitterrand of France had spoken to him at a G7 meeting. But former French President François Mitterrand died in 1996, and Emmanuel Macron has been that nation’s president since 2017.

In another post, Phillips urged people to consider what sort of state Biden could be in five years in the future.

“In 2016, Joe Biden made the wrong decision by not running, and in 2024 he’s making the wrong decision by running. It gives me angst, but someone in Washington has to be honest and say what the entire country knows. Compare him at the 2016 convention (link below) to yesterday, and then think 5 years into the future…” the congressman tweeted.

Biden is already the oldest president in U.S. history and would be 86 by the end of a second term if re-elected this year.

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